Lensa AI Reviews: Is it Safe? (Alternate Tools Recommendation)

Lensa AI Reviews

 Here in his blog we will discuss about the pros and cons of Lensa AI. Well it’s an app which has become the talk of the town. Using this app one can create custom avatars using their pictures. The app has been developed by Prisma Lab which is well known for creating apps like Skin Auto Video editor and Prisma.

Lensa AI review

Lensa is another wonderful app which is used to create art using AI powered tools, edit photos and make videos. But in order to use this app, the user should be above 18. This app is available for Android and also for the iPhone users. As per the Prisma AI, the photos are processed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the pictures are instantly removed from the servers as soon as the avatars are ready.

Well this photo editing app has created a revolution among the users because the users are quite fascinated about this app. It has created a craze especially among the youngsters. And that’s the reason many people in their social media and dating profile pictures suddenly look like anime action heroes, magical fairy princess or the haunted subjects of oil paintings.

Working of Lensa AI?

This app was launched in 2018 for Android/iPhone with several photos retouching feature. But the latest version of Lensa AI includes something called “Magic Avatars.” This feature allows you to commission up to 200 AI-generated portraits in different styles. To do the same you need to share 10 to 20 images of your face. Note that there avatars are not generated by a proprietary AI. The user actually pays Prisma Lab to generate portraits using Stable Diffusion, an open source machine learning model. The Lensa AI App is a middleman and a curator.

You can follow the below mention steps to generate artistic AI selfies with Lensa AI:

Step 1: Download the Lensa App from your App Store> Once you open the app, several screens will appear and show you what the app can do

Step 2: After that it will ask if you want to subscribe for $36.99 per year. It is worth signing up for the free trials that would cut the price of Magic Avatar in half.

Step 3: You will be prompted with Magic Avatars popping up. After that press “Try Now” if it is not appearing on your screen then tap on the yellow box which says “Magic Avatars” on the photos tab

Step 4: Now agree to terms and conditions, and then upload between 10 to 20 selfies. Then mix and match facial expressions, backgrounds ad angles to get the best results. Keep in mind that you need to be the only person in the shot each time.

Step 5: After that select your gender and then pay the required amount> Once you are done with uploading, wait for the results. After that you can close the app. You will be notified once you are good to go.

Is Lensa Safe and legitimate?

Undoubtedly this app makes you look attractive but the question arises is this app is sage or legitimate? Well as we have earlier discussed the Magic Avatars tool generate images by using Stable diffusion which is machine learning model trained on publicly-available images. These images are sourced without permission and there’s no way for a person, artist or organization to opt out for the dataset. And this obviously raises concern for both personal privacy and copyright.

Is Lensa AI free?

No this app is premium and the users have to pay some dollars to get services. There are yearly, monthly and weekly subscription available. You can go for any of the above mentioned plans as per your choice.

 Lensa AI Alternate?

There are so many alternatives to Lensa which you can use by investigating some dollars, we have enlisted some of the well know apps.

  1. Resume-Library (Starting Price $93 per month)
  2. YouCam Perfect (Starting Price: Free)
  3. BeautyPlus (Starting Price: Free)
  4. Polish (Starting Price: Free)
  5. Peachy (Starting Price: Free)
  6. Sumophoto (Starting Price: $9 per month)
  7. Sharpen Projects 3 (Starting Price: $99)
  8. TouchRetouch (Starting Price: $14.99 per license)

Well that’s all about Lensa AI Reviews, we really hope this blog was hopeful for you in making a wise decision. Keep in mind that you are investing for this app so kindly use your hard earned money judicially.

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