List Of 15 Best Barcode Scanner App For iPhone 2021

In recent post, we discussed on 15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps 2021 for Android and IPhone and you can choose any app from list of apps for this purpose. In this post, we are going to discuss on 2021 Best 15 Barcode Scanner App For iPhone and you can use any app in this list offers you can really scan the ‘Barcodes’ on your IPhone. Let’s starts the discussion.

What is Barcode Scanner App?

Barcode (Bar Code) represents data in visual and machine-readable form. Initially, it represented data by varying the widths and spacing of parallel lines, and it can be scanned by special optical scanners known as ‘Barcode Reader’. Later, 2D (2- Dimensional) variants of barcode were developed using rectangle, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns called ‘Matrix Codes’ or 2D barcodes.

The mobile device (like Smartphone) with an in-built camera can function as later type of 2D barcode reader using some specification software. Android OS based device can use ‘Google Lens’ application to scan QR code or third-party apps like Barcode Scanner to read both 1D and QR codes (type of Matrix barcode).

In Apple iOS 11, the native camera app can decode QR Codes and can link to URLs, join networks or perform other operation depending on QR code contents while on Windows Phone, you can scan barcode through ‘Bing Search App’.

Scanning ‘QR Codes (Types of Matrix barcode)’ from your iPhone is simple just by holding IPhone’s camera in front of QR Code and taping a pop-up while traditional barcodes are different matter because there is no app built into your IPhone that can do this for you.So, you can try third-party app given in the list for this purpose. These Barcode Scanner Apps can easily be downloaded and installed from Apple App Store. Let’s take a look at list of Barcode Scanner Apps available for your IPhone.

15 Best Barcode Scanner App For iPhone 2021

1: ‘MobileAsset’ – Asset Tracking App

MobileAsset is one of the best Barcode Scanner Apps in this list available for both Android and iOS (IPhone and iPad). You can use this app in your Smartphone and tablets. You can use your mobile’s built-camera to scan asset barcodes and efficiently complete your work. It checks assets in or out to employees or customers with the click on button.

This app captures signatures and images on your device to ensure quality controls. With all functionality, you need at an affordable price of $299. This app is also available for free for 30-day trail unconditional return policy.

Note: If you want to use this application, you must have the ‘Wasp MobileAsset’ Software installed on the server that can be accessed from your mobile device.

2: ‘Scan 2.0’ – QR Code Scanning App

Scan 2.0 – QR Code Scanning App offers you can create and scan QR codes and barcodes. This app is available for both Android and iPhone brings real-time buttons creating to life. Using ‘Buy Now’ buttons to surveys, you can easily connect with anyone using power of QR codes. This app is available in both free and paid version.

3: Entry Manager Tracking App for IPhone and Android

Entry Manager Tracking App is one of the best Barcode Scanner App For iPhone and Android in this list makes it very easy to scan barcodes on tickets to guarantee quick verification and make logistics management trivial.

‘Barcode Ticket Management’ has become exceptionally important throughout the event management industry and this Barcode Scanner App offers a unique and free cross platform solution for this. This barcode scanner app can increase efficiency of line management and decrease the administrative burden of events.

4: ‘Time Station’ – Time Keeping App

Time Station is iOS app offers employees to track their attendance and their time through a barcode scanning System. It is cloud-based application available for free offers you to check on your employees whenever you desire.

Time Station is easy-to-use and user-friendly web interface connects you with the information regarding your employees at any time. This can be effective solution for any company that does hourly billing and wants to reduce the administrative costs of billing tracking.

5: ‘My Fitness Pal’ – Price scan App & Product Info App

My Fitness Pal is another one of best Barcode Scanner App For iPhone and Android in this list offers to scan barcode with your Smartphone’s in-built camera. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get healthy, change you habits or smart a new diet, ‘MyFitnessPal’ App has you covered.

This app has biggest food database over 11+ million foods in its database including global items and cuisines. It offers you can scan barcode to log foods. Over 4+ million barcodes recognized. This Barcode Scanner App offers you can easily import the nutrition information for the recipes you cook.

This app can be used to track all nutrients including calories, macros, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins and more. It puts the nutrition facts onto your phone and calculates your daily allowance.

6: ‘Smoopa Shopping’ – Price Scan App & Shopping App

Smoopa Shopping is available for Android and iOS devices for the free. It is social sharing Barcode Scanner App offers you can share the products you love and earn rewards for the purchases. You will find a lot of bloggers and Pinterest users taking advantage of this Barcode Scanner App to share local pricing.

7: ‘Consumr Reviews’ – Shopping App & pricing App

Consumr Reviews is another Barcode Scanner App for IPhone in this list. This barcode scanner app scans barcode of shopping product and shows detailed information about scanned product on your phone. It takes you directly to reviews about the product you have just scanned.

8: ‘BuyVia’ – Shopping App & Pricing App

BuyVia is Barcode Scanner App For iPhone offers you access to best pricing by scanning the barcodes on your favorite products. This Barcode Scanner App keeps track of your ‘favorite product’ scans and notifies you when new coupons are released or when price drops occur.

This Barcode Scanner App is one of the fastest options for consumers interested in immediately purchasing an item with a barcode. This app also offers you review regarding your searched items to ensure you don’t end up with negative product purchase.

9: ‘Scan to Spreadsheet’ – Spreadsheet scanner App

Scan to Spreadsheet is available for Android and iOS devices offer you can scan barcode information directly into spreadsheet. However, these information can be imported into variety of programs. This app is available on multiple platforms and an inexpensive way to collect data from barcodes quickly. It is available with price of $2.99

10: ‘vWorkApp’ – Timekeeping App

vWorkApp is another one of the Best Barcode Scanner App For iPhone and Android in this list offers you to schedule and manage staff members through the use of barcode scanning technology. This app is cloud-based platform allows you to automatically track your employees to ensure they are completing their jobs on time and as scheduled.

This app tracks the detailed information regarding your employees and is ideal for service oriented positions including contract-based labor.

11: ‘ScanLife Barcode Reader’ – Available for Android and IPhone

ScanLife Barcode Reader is designed for Android and IPhone offers you to quickly scan barcodes and receive information. You are allowed to scan both traditional barcodes and QR codes for the free.

12: ‘RedLaser’ – Pricing App & Shopping App

RedLaser is free Barcode Scanner App For iPhone and Android phone. It allows you to scan barcodes of items and then quickly find the information about the item including where to purchase it and the current lowest price.

RedLaser is Barcode Scanner App offers you to find more information about product pricing and location rather than inventory tracking and management. It is easy-to-use and user-friendly interface shows clear and understandable results.

13: ‘ShopSavvy’ – Shopping App & Pricing App

ShopSavvy is another application in this list available for both android and iPhone. It works similar to RedLaser application. This application offers you to quickly look up market and pricing data recording items you are interested in purchasing.

This app in your phone also offers price alerts to ensure you known when the price goes down on items that you desire. It is available for free.

14: ‘JumpTrack’ – Mail Delivery App

JumpTrack is available for Android and IPhone both as a proof-of-delivery barcode scanning app. This application offers you to track the deliveries and allow you to sign for those deliveries right on the mobile device.

Drivers can scan ‘License Plate’ barcodes and take multiple photos of deliveries and returns. It features ‘Route Optimization’ helps you order routers in the most efficient manner, saving on fuel costs and improving overall customer service.

15: ‘Amazon Price Check’ – Pricing App

Amazon Price Check is application belongs to Amazon available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is simple way to immediately check the price of items on Amazon using Barcode Scanning technology. It is easy-to-use customer utility & Barcode App For iPhone and Android phones.


I am sure this post helped on 15 Best Barcode Scanner App For iPhone 2021 and you can choose any app from the list for this purpose. For example, RedLazer is Barcode Scanner App offers you to scan the product’s barcode to get detailed information about the product including its price and location. That’s all. If this post really helped you, then you can share this post with others to help them.

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