List of Best transcription software for Mac [Guide]

Convert media files into readable and editable text formats with Best transcription software for Mac:

In this post, we are going to discuss on List of 9 Best transcription software for Mac and you can choose any software from the list according to your needs in order to perform transcription process. Let’s starts the discussion.

What is Transcription and Transcription software?

Transcription is mechanism to convert media files into readable and editable text formats. The media files to transcribe can consist of podcasts, video captions, recorded lectures, academic research, zoom meeting, or whatsoever. Transcription helps you to open your content up to a broader audience and helps in cleaning and filtering the content written/spoken. It puts qualitative data into a written form doing research.

Transcription also offers you can generate video subtitles which work as boon for English learning viewers who try to learn a language by watching videos. If your computer can’t match two videos by watching the videos, then you can use the transcripts of videos to compare and find similar data between them. Transcription is effective solution for journalists and other note-taking jobs. Transcription Software offers to generate AI-based machine-generated transcription services for the best precision.

For example, Speech-to-text API is type of technology that uses voice-activated assistants. It enables improved interactions and involvement at mass among consumers and networks. It integrates natural language processing (NLP), spoken technology, and machine learning (ML), and it can design and construct apps for various industries. If you are looking for Best transcription software, then you are in right-place for this. Let’s take a look at lists.

List of 9 Best transcription software for Mac:

1: Transcriva:

Transcriva is one of the Best transcription software for Mac in the list offers its transcriptional services for almost every media files including movies, speeches, lectures, interviews, and even YouTube videos. This software offers a better user interface to its users for easy transcription and it supports USB detachable foot pedals.

Transcriva Software offers follow along to check for the most accurate results, and reducing errors. However, the limitation of this software is the lack of speech recognition features. The mutual users of Transcriva software and express scribe recommend Transcriva over express scribe.

2: InqScribe:

InqScribe is another Best transcription software for Mac in the list allows you to transcribe recorded lectures and essential conference calls. It is available for both Windows and Mac. InqScribe software is user-friendly editorial environment with foot pedal access and playback options. It is simple and easy to use interface and it helps you toward research, journalism, note-making, and subtitle generation. It offers 14 days trial package to all its new users and to keep using the service further, y you need to purchase its license at some costs.

3: Transcribe Wreally:

Transcribe Wreally is AI-aided transcription software allows transcription for various purposes like recorded lectures, phone calls, conference meetings, talking recording, and interviews. This software allows machine-generated transcriptions and also allows you to edit the transcriptions using the software manually. It is available two paid plans for its customers including selft-transcription at 20$ and Automatic Transcription at 20$+6$ per hour of audio.

 4: oTranscribe:

oTranscribe is another Best transcription software for Mac in the list available for the free. This software is designed to make the job of manual transcription a bit easy and less chaotic. It doesn’t transcribe the files for users. It allows you to transcribe the files yourself. It is easy to transcript files yourself using this software, and it helps with attributes like pause, rewind, fast forward, auto-save features.

5: Descript:

Descript is one of the Best transcription software for Mac in this list. It is AI-powered transcription software designed for Mac. It is all-in-one editing and transcription software designed & developed to allows you to generate transcriptions, screen records, and edit videos and podcasts. It uses Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Speech and this allow you to work collaboratively. It is available for free and paid version both. The free plan offers you unlimited screen recording and 3 hours of transcription while paid version at available at different plans including at 15$, 30$ of Pro Plan, and Enterprise plan at custom rates.

6: ‘Express Scribe’:

Express Scribe is another Transcription Software in the list available for the free. It is free professional software for transcriptional services, and it doesn’t transcribe the files for you. It provides a user-friendly interface to edit the files yourself. This software runs immaculately with MS Word and allows USB foot pedals.

This software can easily runs on Windows and Mac computer, bracing many files formats. It offers paid plans for professional transcription like for video, medical, legal transcription. There are two plain plans with lifetime validity including professional plan at 80$ and Pro Plan at 70$.

7: Rev.AI:

Rev.AI is another transcription software in the list that uses AI and machine learning for transcription services. It provides services like closed captioning and transcription of visual and audio files. It ensures the accuracy with instances of background noises, variable accents, and many audio sources. Transcribing through this software starts with uploading the audio or video file on the website of Rev. It offers both professional and automated transcription service.

8: Transcription Panda:

Transcription Panda is reliable transcription service started with vision to provide the high-quality transcripts with minor errors. It works without using speech-recognition services. It also designed to maintains privacy of their customers’ sensitive data and confidential. It is available in two quality paid versions including Rough Draft Transcription at 0.709$ and Final Draft Transcription at some higher price.

9: Nuance:

Nuance Transcription Engine Software from Nuance Company promises to transcribe seminars and conference calls in vivid 43 languages quickly. It offers multi-speaker recognition, timestamps additional attributes for distinguished speaker recognition. It comes with intelligent fault correction feature. This software focuses on transcribing office-dominated audio files and corporate-dominated transcriptions and it makes the software unique and provides it an edge over other apps. This software is available with starting price of $150, which is one-time buy.


I hope this post helped you on List of 9 Best transcription software for Mac and you can download/install and use any transcription software from the list according to your needs. That’s all. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box below.

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