Logitech Speaker Not Working- Install Logitech Speakers In windows 10

Having a Logitech Speaker installed on Windows 10 offers really amazing sound experience while connected to a computer. However, many a times it’s reported that Logitech speaker is not working on machine and causing issues. Well, in this article we have included a number of solutions that can help users to install Logitech speakers in Windows 10 easily to solve aforementioned issues.

Why “Logitech Speaker Not Working” issue occurs?

Probably, a computer system is quite simple for users to be used on frequent basis, however it does a number of complex processes inside to show the output. Means, there can be technically many possible reasons due to which a Logitech speaker may stop working on Windows 10. Some of the reasons may include:

  • Wrong configuration of speaker and related settings
  • Corruption of installed related files.
  • Accidental change in default playback device selection
  • Internal glitches or conflicts
  • Outdated drivers for the device

If all aforementioned situations accidentally occurs on a computer, it’s common to see Logitech speaker not working issue on windows 10. and here are the solutions through which the issue can be resolved easily.

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Solution 1: Cross check the speaker and other related settings

If your installed Logitech speakers suddenly stopped working, then there can be a chance that there might be some reconfiguration occurred. In order to resolve the issue, you should check the speaker and related settings. Here are the instructions to follow:

  1. At first, connect your speaker to another computer and check if it’s working fine. You can also check if the speakers are not damaged.
  2. After connecting it to computer, make sure if its power button is turned ON.
  3. Verify if the its connected wires and cables are all right and not damaged along with its ports or connectivity slots.
  4. Check if the volume of the speaker is high enough to produce sound and not accidentally muted.

In case if the device works fine with other computer and all above settings are working properly on other machine, then move to other solution as there might be some technical issue on your computer, which is covered in the article later.

Solution 2: Re-install the Logitech speaker driver

As mentioned above, a very common reason for Logitech speakers stopped functioning on a computer if the users have upgraded their machine from older Windows version to newer ones, or have recently done some other changes. In such instances, it’s a better practice to Re-install the speaker drivers that’s compatible with Windows 10. The procedure includes:

  1. Open Device Manager on Windows, and locate Sound, video and game controllers and expand it.
  2. In the list of installed devices, find the Logitech speaker device.
  3. Choose the device options and select Uninstall option to remove installed drivers for the speaker.
  4. Once done, close the Device Manager, and restart the computer. This will automatically install the drivers once again, and your speaker may start working properly.

If the problem still persists on your machine, the issue might be something else and you should check out the other solutions.

Solution 3: Setting Logitech speaker as default playback device

Another reason as discussed for speaker stopped working issue is due to misconfiguration in default playback device settings in Windows 10 or other Windows OS versions. In order to sort out the issue, you should make sure if Logitech speaker is properly set as default playback device.

  1. In the taskbar, click right mouse button and select sound icon to choose Playback devices.
  2. In the shown list of devices, choose the Logitech speaker and click right button to choose set as Default from the context menu.
  3. Once done, you can try playing sound through audio software or through Youtube to check if you can hear the sound.

Solution 4: Run built-in Troubleshooter to fix the Logitech speaker not working issue

In case if above solutions failed to work and the issue persists, you can try out to troubleshoot the Logitech speaker problems by running an in-built tool in Windows OS called Troubleshooter. In order to do so, follow the instructions here mentioned:

  1. In the Windows Search text field, type ‘troubleshooting’ and select the appropriate option, and press Enter to open Troubleshooting window.
  2. Next it to see the option named View all and click it. This allows you enter the appropriate category for which you want the troubleshooter work for.
  3. In the shown categories, select Hardware and Devices.
  4. Once the Hardware and Devices window appears, select the Advanced option, and click on Next button as indicated in the image below.
  5. After you click on the Next, the troubleshooter will start identifying the issues, and in case if it detects problems with Logitech speaker, it will show you the same.
  6. Once the problem is shown, it will show you an option to Apply this fix. Just click to select the action. And the problem might be resolved.

Solution 5: Update the Logitech driver to latest version

If you find that all above mentioned options or solutions have not worked to resolve Logitech speaker not working issue, then there might be outdated drivers installed, and updating to latest one may help you. To do so, either you can download the latest drivers from official Logitech website or Download an automatic driver update tool here mentioned to detect and fix logitech speakers not working problem easily.

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Facing off Logitech speakers not working issue on Windows 10 is quite irritating if happens, but the problem can be resolved if some proper solutions are followed correctly. With the help of above solutions, we hope you might have resolved the issue in your own case. If you have any question or suggestion, mention in the comment’s section below.

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