My iPhone Won’t Charge, But It Says It’s Charging: Tricks To Fix

It’s quite often happens for an iPhone users to see their device is plugged in for charging, even it says charging but won’t charge further. The situation is quite disappointing at the moments when faced. If you are also one of those and facing this hurdle with your Apple device, then this article will provide you to learn some measures through which the issue called my iphone won’t charge but it says its charging, can be fixed.

According to what most of the people may consider this problem, it can be due to a problematic battery. However, the reasons could be more than just battery. Even your installed software or hardware can be working fine, and it’s necessary to identify the root cause. But, taking some suggested methods or steps in practice might help you resolve the issue, and the steps are mentioned below:

1: Hard Reset Your iPhone

In many cases, just Hard Resetting the iPhone can fix “my iphone won’t charge but it says its charging” issue if something gone wrong with the software. It might be possible that the device has crashed or the software, and just choosing this method can help a lot. Let’s see how to hard reset an iPhone based on different models or versions:

For iPhone 8 or later models

Press Volume up, then down button and hold the side button until the screen turns off and turns on back. Once you see the Apple logo on screen, release the buttons.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Press and hold Sleep and Volume Down button simultaneously, and keep holding those until you seen the Apple logo appears after the screen goes black.

For iPhone 6 and earlier devices

Just press and hold Sleep and Home button together and until the logo appears.

2: Clean Out Your Charging Port

In some instances, the charging port might got some dusts inside and blocking the charger to work properly. If this is your situation, you can use an anti-static brush to clean the port. You can also use an unused toothbrush if you don’t have the brush but do make sure to do it easily. Place your charger once again and the issue should be gone.

3: Try Out Another Charging Cable

Even after trying above steps, if you still have to say “my iphone won’t charge but it says its charging”, then it’s time to replace your charging or lightning cable with a new one, the cable might have some issue with it, and your phone have no issues. Just buy a new cable and use it.

4: Let Your iPhone In DFU Mode

Even if all above fail to solve your issue, you can try to put your phone in DFU mode to to perform in-depth restore. Before you do so, make sure to create backups of all your important data on device as restoring may lose them, and can be recovered if you would have a backup.

5: Send Your iPhone To Get Repaired

Since all above mentioned problems are somehow related to iPhone software and related contexts, if none of the steps have helped you to fix “my iphone won’t charge but it says its charging” on your device, then you must send your iPhone to nearest Apple official service store to get repaired.

We hope the above guidelines might assisted you to get your iPhone fully charged once again and you might be using your device flawlessly. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones to help them.

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