Nvidia GPU Drivers: Learn How to Update & Install Latest Drivers

This article is here published to let users learn how to download, update and install the latest Nvidia GPU Drivers on their machine easily. Doing this easily enhance your graphics experiences while playing game or movies.

Getting a great graphics related experiences on a computer is really on demand nowadays, and when it comes to speak about the graphics card, Nvidia is mostly called to be the best one. Although, the users may easily take their new Nvidia Graphics Card and use them for their gaming or other purposes easily, but if they fail to update such graphics driver periodically, they may miss the best experiences later on.

Since most of the hardware on computer requires some driver to connect it through the software, obviously the Nvidia graphics card may also require such a driver and is mostly renowned as Nvidia GPU Drivers. These drivers are basically responsible to offer optimization and features for graphics driver and various games as well. Also, this driver ensure that installed GPU on machine is running properly, along with including support for features like screen recording, and freestyle compatible cards with Nvidia GeForce Experience installed on system. With the help of new drivers, users can also optimize the performance of the graphics card for new games, and allows to run smoother while being launched and accessed. Sometimes, the new drivers may also need to access various graphics features too.

If you are an owner of an Nvidia GPU Driver, then you can download and install the latest drivers directory through official Nvidia website, also you can check for updates through Nvidia Ge Force Experience application too. You should know that if you are going to download the latest graphics driver, you require not any accounts, whereas choosing to download the driver updates through GeForce application, you may require to have an account first to get new drivers.

But, downloading the Nvidia GPU drivers through its application can be beneficial as well and ensures that you download the correct drivers which is compatible to your graphics card and offers more other features too. Such features can easily help you to optimize your games, and other settings for the best gaming performance.

About frequency of Nvidia GPU driver updates: how often it comes

In case if you are running the new Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Drivers, then its update actually comes once a month, and sometimes the updates may arrive even more frequently. Even sometimes, the new drivers coincide with the launch of new popular games and in such instances, the driver updates offer specific optimizations for performance and features in such newly launched games.

But, if you have the New Nvidia Studio driver installed on your machine, then you should know its updates are offered with less frequency than previous one and have actually no regular schedule. However as noticed in the past year, this driver updates have come out within the two months.

In addition to two above mentioned Nvidia GPU drivers, there’s also other drivers available too for its GPU’s which are outside of GeForce branding, and some of them are Titan, pro-grade Quadro, and data-center Tesla graphics processing units.

Download software for drivers update

Details about the latest Nvidia drivers

While speaking about the details, the latest GeForce graphics driver, 452.06 offers support for ray tracing to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Also, this new Nvidia GPU driver offers optimization for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Totar War Saga: Troy, along with support for eight new G-Sync compatible monitors.

The another Nvidia Game Ready driver is specifically optimized for games like Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn and F1 2020. Means, if you are running through F1 or Sam, then this processor will offer improved performance and reliability.

For Death Stranding, the above mentioned driver also includes support for Nvidia DLSS 2.0 technology on compatible graphics cards. With the help of DLSS 2.0, the users can get help to achieve higher frame rates at increased resolutions because it runs the game at lower resolution then uses AI-powered scaling to offer a clear image, and it seems probably different from the native resolution.

While using GeForce Experience, the Nvidia also supports one-click optimization for above mentioned titles that makes it easier for the users to dial in the in-game settings for performance and visual quality. In addition, the driver also have support for one-click optimization for the titles like Darksburg, Disintegration, Fishing Planet, House Flipper, Justice RTX and many more.

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