Reinstall Realtek Audio Console with Audio Drivers Update

Realtek Audio Console is software designed & developed by Realtek Semiconductor Corp. This software is available on Microsoft Windows Store belongs to UWP App. Unfortunately., this audio console software only available for supported PCs like Microsoft Surface Book.

Four (4) sections of Realtek Audio Console App

1: Main: This section in Realtek-Brand Audio Console App allows you to configure volume of both speakers and microphones. You can set the volume of your speakers or microphones to minimum or maximum. It also offers you to ‘mute’ the audio device by check the ‘Mute’ option.

2: Speakers: In left pane of ‘Realtek Audio Console’ window, you will see ‘Speakers’ section. This section has more controls over the speakers’ settings including Main Volume, Balance, Sound Effects, Default Format, and Speaker Configuration and Testing.

3: Microphone: This is another section categorized as ‘Recording Devices’ that offers more controls over the microphone’s settings including Main Volume, Mute, Microphone Effects, (Noise Suppression), and Default Format.

4: Information: This section can be accessed by clicking ‘Information’ option at bottom-left of this application. This section has information about audio driver version and UI version. 

Before downloading and install Realtek Audio Console Application, you should make sure that if your computer meets ‘System Requirements’ for this application. This software is available for Windows 10 version 15063.0 or higher, Xbox One based on x64-bit OS architecture.

As mentioned, Realtek Audio Console Software offers you to configure and adjust audio device effects and all audio device settings including speakers and microphone in this app. So, you can download and install this application in your Windows 10 device to do so. Let’s go for solution.

How to Download and install Realtek Audio Console/ Realtek Audio Control on Windows 10?

Note that Realtek Audio Console is available as Realtek Audio Control in ‘Microsoft Store’ or ‘Windows Store’, and you can get this software from Windows store.

Step 1: When you install Realtek Audio drivers or Realtek HD Audio drivers in your Windows 10, Realtek Audio Console software gets installed automatically. If not, you can try to install it from Windows store. To do so, visit Microsoft Store Official page and search for ‘Realtek Audio Control’ app, and then download it.

Step 2: Now, double-click on ‘Setup file’ and follow on-screen instructions to finish installation.

Can’t install Realtek Audio Console/Control Application from Windows Store

 If you are unable to download and install Realtek Audio Console software from ‘Microsoft Store’ or ‘Windows Store’, then you can try another method to get this app. To do so, you need to update Realtek Audio drivers to latest version and then restart your computer.

If updating didn’t work, then you can uninstall audio drivers, reboot your computer, and then reinstall audio drivers. After that, check if Realtek Audio Console application is properly installed. Let’s go for solution.

How to update Realtek Audio drivers on Windows 10?

Updating Realtek Audio drivers to latest version not only fixes bugs, and enhances audio performances but also install Realtek Audio Console/Control app in your computer.

Step 1: Press ‘Windows + X’ keys together from keyboard and select ‘Device Manager’

Step 2: In the opened ‘Device Manager’, locate and expand ‘Sound, video and game controllers’ category

Step 3: Right-click on your Realtek Audio, and select ‘Update Driver’

Step 4: Follow on-screen instructions to update. This will install the latest available audio drivers and Realtek Audio Console software in your computer.

Note: New motherboards come with DCH drivers that you have to download the GUI app from Microsoft Store. DCH drivers must be installed in order to have the optional software components installed. If not, you can’t download Realtek Audio Console/Control software from ‘Microsoft Store’.


I am sure this post helped you to know about Realtek Audio Console application, and how to download and reinstall this software in your computer. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. If this post really helped you, then you can share this post with others to help them.