Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones: Test Android App

If you are looking Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones to connect your Windows PCs/Laptops with Samsung devices, then you in right place.

Here, we are discussing about Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones in details and providing easy & recommended methods to download/install in your device.

What is Samsung USB Driver?

This driver allows you to connect your Windows PCs/Laptops with Samsung devices using USB cable. This allows Android App Developer to work with the device while using development kits.

However, ‘Samsung USB Driver” is not designed to connect Samsung devices to Windows devices for file/data sharing or some other related tasks. This is automatically download when you connect your device and is different driver. You can browse their files using “Windows Explorer”

For Android App developer: “Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones”

This USB driver can be useful for those who are working on Android Apps. It allows the developers for completing some testing with Samsung devices. Once Samsung USB Driver downloaded, developers can connect to a device via USB cable and test their App on Samsung device using normal development environment.

When we talk about Samsung USB Driver for Smartphones, this driver supports the work with number of device types and models. In simple word, we can say that you can test your “Android App” more than one. You can connect to devices like Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10.

How to download and install Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones?

You can download Samsung USB Driver for Smartphones from Official website of developer.Samsung. After downloaded, double-click on installer file and follow On-Screen instructions to finish the installation process. Prior to installation, be ensure that you are working on Windows Account with Administrators right.

Samsung USB Driver is compatible with the latest versions of Windows including Windows 7/8/8.1/10 OS based devices. So, you can connect to the developments kits and Samsung devices through these versions of Windows operating System.

Wait to complete the installation. Once finished, connect your mobile phones with your PCs/Laptops and select your Android App that you are designing, and transfer it to the device. Once connect, you notice that you are now able to test your “Android App” in the way that use would experience it.

If you are not a developer or Android Developer:

As discussed above, “Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones” is designed only for Android App developer to connect Samsung devices with Windows OS based devices. If you are not Android developers or App Developers, then you can try some alternative drivers.

Samsung Kies: This driver software is for anyone who is not developers or Android developers. It allows you to connect your Samsung devices to your PCs/Laptops for file/data sharing.

PROS and CONS of Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones


  • This driver is simple to download and install
  • Samsung USB Driver allows USB connection to Samsung Android devices with Windows devices
  • It is useful tool for Android App developers or other developers


  • Samsung USB Driver for Mobile phones works solely with Samsung devices

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