Secure Your Browsing With Setup VPN Firefox: A Life Time Free VPN

While browsing the web, it becomes very necessary most of the times to secure your browsing sessions against being tracked or to access some pages which are inaccessible in your location or country. In such contexts, using a VPN service becomes an easy task that allows you to unlock barriers of inaccessible website, even along with securing your privacy.

A VPN service actually allows you to get easy access over any blocked website throughout the globe. No matters the page has been blocked by your government, school or company somehow, and all this can be availed with a single click. In order to do so, there’s many VPN services available in the IT market, but this article is going to discuss about a free VPN service named SetupVPN specific to Firefox browser.

About Setup VPN For Firefox

According to official site of SETUP VPN, this service wants its users to get a free account in order to enjoy its service in order to unlock all barriers while browsing locked website. Also, using this VPN service, the users can freely surf the web, but with a few limitations. In order to unlock those limitations regarding speed and more advanced features, the users will have to purchase its premium service which offers definitely more than enough. With the service, the users will receive actually a free account with SetupVPN with no limitations.

Coming specific to the topic of this article about Setup VPN for Firefox browser, you can also avail this service free of cost by just adding its extension which is available with no cost, and offers you unlimited bandwidth.

With the installation of this extension, you can easily secure your browser activity with military grade encryption no matters on what platform you are working on including public Wi-Fi hotspots, company network, or even while connected to school network.

Setup VPN For Firefox Premium Features

Although, Setup VPN is complete free for everyone, it has some limitations as well if you are using just a free account. The free service probably works most of the times, but if you are a techie, you might will intend to unlock those limitations and choosing its premium service will be the best option. Here are some of the features you can avail by choosing premium account of Setup VPN for firefox:

Native Encryption:

With the premium version, you will receive a complete SSL-based encryption to all your data which you send to servers. So, you needn’t to worry about any of your sensitive information while sending them through the web.

Premium Support:

Offers you a dedicated account manager assigned to you, who will provide you faster help in case you require, and your questions will be answered on high priority.

Wi-fi Protection:
Protects all your data you send on internet while connected to any Wi-Fi network no matters where you are.

Multiple Locations:

With the free account with Setup VPN firefox, you will receive a limited locations to access, however the premium account allows you to access the web with more than 100 locations very easily.

Best Speed With No Restrictions:

No restrictions regarding speed and connectivity. You will be able to browse the web faster always, while the limited account offers you some limitations.

No Hefty Configuration:

Requires no hefty configuration in order to access the service on your browser. Need to install an add-on, register for an account and choose what country you like to get started. It’s completely hassle free.

Steps to use Setup VPN Firefox on your device

Connecting with web using Setup VPN is very simple as mentioned above. Just 3 steps as discussed below:

Step 1: Download Setup VPN Firefox on your browser and install it with a single click.
Step 2: Click on the extension icon on browser and register to get an account and follow on screen instructions.
Step 3: Once done, you just require to click on the icon and select the country you want to connect with, and you will be started to browse the web with enabled VPN service.

We hope you liked this article and it might helped you to overcome barriers while browsing banned or locked website on any of your working platforms, specially while using Firefox as your favorite browser. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones.

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