Selecting the Best Feminized Seeds for Your Grow Operation

Growing feminized seeds gives you a good head start because you rest 99% sure of getting female cannabis plants. This way, you get a guarantee of a better yield than planting regular seeds that produce male and female cannabis. However, your seeds won’t give you all these expected benefits if you don’t choose the right feminized marijuana seeds.

Our discussion delves into the principles of making the right seed choice. We walk you down the road to learn what to consider before selecting a particular feminized seed strain. Keep reading to reap more out of your investment.

Choose a Reputable Supplier

Your preferred seed bank can make the big difference between a poor and bumper harvest. We recommend finding a trustworthy seed bank or vendor as your first step in the weed cultivation business. Read genuine user reviews on credible review sites to be sure their feminized seeds do what the vendor says. Also, check their website for grower reviews to be sure you will invest your money in a safe bet. You can land reputable suppliers of the best feminized seeds on

Consider Your Budget

Consider your budget before selecting a particular feminized seed strain because the highest price isn’t the best or only parameter to use when choosing seeds. Some shoddy suppliers overprice their seeds to create a false impression that they’re of the highest quality. Inversely, grossly underpriced seeds might not be as bad as you think.

Do your homework well and use this gauge with other factors we’ll cover below. But granted, select according to your budget, especially if you aren’t into commercial growing that will give you profits.

Your Growing Space

Consider your growing space before selecting a specific feminized seed strain because different strains grow to varying heights. Thus, some are suitable for indoor setups, while others suit outdoor growing only. Non-commercial home growers should consider their available space if they live in an environment that can attract unnecessary attention.

Remember, you can live in a zone that has legalized cannabis cultivation, but the plant might still be taboo to the locals. Thus, tall plants attracting your neighborhood’s attention can expose them to radicalized anti-marijuana vandals.

Consult Fellow Growers

Do you know the best person to consult about a particular seed’s viability and potential? A grower. A user is the best witness to give the most reputable testimony of what a seed offers. These farmers have a hands-on experience with different seeds. Don’t underestimate their experience when choosing a specific seed. They can also give you valuable tips and insights to help you succeed when growing a particular seed.

The best side of this step is that you don’t need to know these growers personally. You can meet them on online forums, where cultivators share experiences with others.

Growing Environment

Some marijuana cultivars grow well indoors, while others thrive outdoors. Feminized seeds can be Indicas or Sativas. Indicas thrive indoors and outdoors because they are shorter than Sativas. Choosing Sativa seeds requires an outdoor growing space or a greenhouse with a high ceiling because they grow taller than Indicas.

Determine Your Desired Taste, Aroma, or Effects

Why do you want to grow cannabis? What chemical traits do you wish to have from your feminized seeds? All cannabis strains have unique traits designed to achieve specific goals. However, all seeds have three primary traits to look for. These are taste, smell, and effects.


All cannabis buds are phytochemically complex and have specific molecules that determine their taste called terpenes. Terpenes are a source of different flavors crops and plants exhibit. Therefore, please pay special attention to a seed’s terpene profile before buying them. Getting a seed with high caryophyllene levels guarantees your plants a savory and peppery taste. Cannabis with pinene and myrcene produces buds with an earthy, fresh flavor.


Humans are sensory beings who choose or reject a product based on its smell. Therefore, consider aroma before choosing a particular feminized seed type. Your seeds’ terpenes affect a cultivar’s smell. However, a strain’s smell doesn’t necessarily match its taste. So, a bud with a pungent smell doesn’t necessarily taste pungent because terpenes interact with your nose and tongue nerves differently.

You must also consider this aspect because your cannabis garden will smell during flowering. Be sensitive if you live with family members or near neighbors who don’t love the cannabis smell.

However, the smell shouldn’t worry you if you have an insulated indoor growing setup. In this case, you may use modern carbon scrubbers and extractor fans to remove terpenes from the air. They may not eliminate the scent, but they do a good job that saves you unnecessary trouble with your neighbors and family members.


Lastly, consider your preferred seeds’ effects before settling for them because different cannabis seeds have varying effects. For instance, some seeds produce buds containing more CBD than THC and vice versa. This difference means the one containing more THC than CBD will produce a more intoxicating effect. Consumers will likely get “high” after consuming it compared to those using products from a strain with more CBD.

Moreover, the cannabinoid in feminized seed strain determines if its final products will produce a relaxing or an invigorating effect. Therefore, some products are suitable for starting the day because they invigorate users. Others are best suited for evening uses because they help users fall asleep faster and enjoy a restful sleep.

Most modern strains contain specific Indica and Sativa genetic ratios designed to achieve certain effects. Some seeds have a genetic composition leaning towards Indica, while others lean towards Sativa. Others are balanced to contain equal proportions of both. So, your feminized seeds will produce flowers with the following features, depending on whether they are Indica, Sativa, or hybrids.

  • Indica-dominant cultivars: These strains usually have a body-focused sensation that makes consumers feel more relaxed, calm, comfortable, sleepy, and pain-free. Such strains suit evening consumption when you have retired from a tiring day.
  • Sativa-heavy strains: Seeds with this genetic leaning usually release mind-centered effects, such as energy, euphoria, and creativity. These products are excellent for waking and baking.
  • Balanced hybrid cultivars: A balanced strain contains a combination of Indica and Sativa genetics. Thus, they are great for creating a balanced body-mind effect benefiting the user in a combined way.

Check Out the Seed Packaging

Lastly, check out your preferred seeds’ packaging before selecting them. This helps you buy high-quality seeds that give you value for your money. All quality weed seeds are shipped in original breeder packages to ensure genuineness. This packaging is crushproof, has critical details about the seeds’ strain on the label, and more.

No serious breeder supplies their seeds to seed banks for repackaging or distribution. Reputable breeders deal in fresh seeds that last longer and keep them in business with growers for a long time. So, any seed bank selling a million seed varieties under its brand is nothing but a mere copycat; check its reputation thoroughly to avoid a pirate reseller.

Parting Shot

Your journey towards a bumper harvest depends on how you select the best feminized seeds for your grow. Poor seeds will cost you effort, time, and money, while high-quality ones will give you a smile at a growing season’s end. We shared insights to help you get the best feminized seeds. We hope you will use this information to make an informed choice worth your investment.

The author of this material is Lana Braslavska, an avid cannabis cultivator and a blogger at AskGrowers. Lana has a vast growing experience and continually monitors this industry to find new efficient ways to maximize the growers’ yields. She shares her expertise and tips to help anyone join the weed-growing hobby.