Solve Google Play Store check your connection and try again Error (Complete Fix)

Google play store check your connection and try again is a common error faced by the Android users when the device is not connected to the internet or it is incapable of connecting to the Web.

In this blog will analyse the causes and fixes for the error so stay tuned.

Why I am facing the above error?

The reason can differ from user to user. We have collected few of the culprits. So go through the below enlisted reasons and identify your culprit:

Google Play Store Error

Google Play Store Error issue often further leads to “connection and try again” error in Play Store. Additionally, it can pop up just because of your Google account troubles. Suppose if one is signed in with several accounts and any one of those accounts is creating mess or user may have just altered the password of the Google account and there is a requirement of re-login with new Credentials.

Android Smartphone error

The stored data and cache on your Android device can also encounter the error. In such cases you need to clear the cache.

Device Internet Connection error

Bad or unstable internet connectivity or incompatibility of date and time can also cause the error.

All the possible culprits have been mentioned which was responsible to occur the error, now let’s move to the most convenient & solvable fixes.

Fixes for Google play store check your connection and try again

Fix 1: Restart your Android Device


  • In the first step, Unlock your Android Device
  • Hold Volume down + Power Button at the same time
  • Your screen will be pop-up with some options >click on Reboot option
  • Press Reboot to Restart your device
  • It will switch off automatically and you need to wait till the phone gets on itself

Once you rebooted your phone you can check whether the Google Play Store is working or not, if not jump to the next fix

Fix 2: Altered the Date and Time Settings

Incorrect setting of date and time on your Cell Phone can also lead to the error. Follow the below mention guidelines to change the settings:

  • Navigate to the Settings >> go to Date and Time option
  • Tap on Date and Time Settings
  • Then tap on Automatic date & Time
  • Manually Set the Date & Time
  • Once done, close all the tabs


 Fix 3: Check your Proxy Setting
  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Then go to Wireless and Mobile Networks>navigate to Mobile Networks>go to Access Point Names
  • Tap on Internet APN
  • Now if the Proxy/Port is set , tap on Delete APN
  • It will be deleted
Fix 4: Check your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connection

You need to check whether the Wi-Fi or the Mobile Data connection is working in a proper way or not. And if it’s not working up to the mark then fix it for proper functioning.

Fix 5: Delete your Google Account & Reconfigure it

Still surfing the net for resolution? Try to sign out of your G-account and then sign in again. This will probably shoot your issue. You can follow the below mention steps to do so:

  • Open the Settings app >click on “Passwords & accounts”
  • Then tap on your Google account email address


  • In the Google account settings, click on “Remove account” to sign out of your account and click on “Remove account” under the confirmation box
  • When you are signed out >log back in your account from the similar page
  • Select “Add account” option > login in the G-account


Fix 6: Remove host file by using Root Explorer
  • Download the Root Explorer from your Browser
  • Navigate to Root Explorer>> Root
  • Then go to the folder etc>> find “hosts” file and delete it
  • Then Reboot your device > then try to download the app
Fix 7: Reset your Android Device


Keep in Mind before resetting, kindly take a backup of your data. After having a back-up plan you can follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Navigate to Settings tab
  • Then Search and go to the “backup &reset”
  • Tap on “Factory data reset”
  • Press on OK button> a reset will be perform on your device
Fix 8: Delete your Google Play Store Data & Cache on your Device

The above mention practice will definitely fix Google play store check your connection and try again error because many of the users claimed success after doing so. You can follow the below mention guidelines to clear store data and cache on your device:


  • Navigate to the Settings> select Installed Apps or simply Apps
  • Find for Google Play Store>tap on it
  • Press on Clear Data & Clear Cache button
  • Once done , close all the tabs
Fix 9: Update or Uninstall Google Play Store Updates


  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Then go to Installed Apps or Apps>tap & Open it
  • Navigate to Google Play Store and open it
  • Press on Uninstall Updates
  • Once done close all tabs
Fix 10: Uninstall Google Play Service and Download the APK File


  • Navigate to the Settings tab
  • Find the installed Aps > click on it
  • Search the Google Play Store and Uninstall it
  • Download the Google Play Store APK for your device > then install it
 Fix 11: Reset the App Preferences on your Device

Resetting the App preferences will reset all the preferences for disabled apps, default applications for activities, disable app preferences. To do so, follow the below mention guidelines:


  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Press on Installed Apps or Apps
  • Then Select “More “ button in the Apps
  • Tap on Reset App Preference
  • Choose Reset Apps
  • Once done, close all the tabs

Final thoughts on Google play store check your connection and try again

So that’s all about Google play store check your connection and try again error. We hope the information provided is useful for you and help you to fix it.

Don’t forget to share your personal thoughts regarding the solution listed above for tackling the issue on our Facebook and twitter page. Good luck with the fixes.

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