Sony introduced new USB-PD charger with 46.5W fast charging power

Sony has now launched a new wall charger for all USB-PD (powerful delivery) compatible devices. The Japanese company’s new release is able to output 46.5W simultaneously to charge smartphones, notebook computers, tablets, portable consoles etc. Sony USB-PD Charger with model CP-ADRM2 has dual output ports. The USB-C port has ability to produce 5V/3.0A, 9V/3.0A, 12V/3.0A, and 15V/2.6A supplying up to 39W to compatible devices by carefully increasing the voltage to the USB-C port. As compared to the general chargers, it delivers 5 times more power. On the other hand, the second USB-A can output 7.5W 5V/1.5A; together they can produce 46.5W at the same time.

Sony USB-PD Charger

The charger uses a standard C7 (couple-7) or figure-8 connector to plug into an extension power card that can vary with different markets. To charge a device no matter wherever it is, the AC adapter features a heat resistant design and 100V-200V compatibility. It is perfect if you have a laptop with a USB-C connector but looks like at the moment, it is only available in Asia. Although, it has a plastic body, it comes with a matte surface that helps to prevent scratches. The new power controller USB-PD charger can be carried in the bag anywhere for general use.

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Sony USB-PD Charger2

Using the conventional USB-A port of this new Sony USB-PD Charger, you can charge a wide range of iPads, cameras, smartphones, tablets notebook PCs etc. with the micro or mini USB cables. One of the main motives behind the development of this USB Power Delivery was to deliver a single charging standard that can be used for all USB devices. The goal of the company is to lessen the e-waste in future by eradicating the need for chargers with several ratings for dissimilar products. Dimensions wise, it is stated to be at 65.0 Width x 78.0 height x 31.0 mm depth and weigh 165 grams.


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