The Best eReaders To Get in 2023

In the age of technology when all of our tasks have shifted online or onto digital spaces, reading is one such activity that people are probably not entirely ready to let go of. People who read regularly cherish the smell of old paper and the hold of a good fat book. Keeping bookmarks, or just holding an old book near your heart is a good dose of oxytocin for many. However, with just some dedication and a few habitual alterations, you can switch to a lot more convenient, accessible, and cost-friendly reading.

What is an eReader?

 eReaders are devices that are designed to support reading materials like books, magazines, newspapers, etc. eReaders look like tablets and are portable devices that you can take with you and read on the go. eReaders can store up to thousands of books, depending on your gadget’s space. eReaders can be touch-screen or button-operated and they come in various screen sizes. The best type of eReaders has e-ink paper screens that give off the exact same look as reading a printed book.

With the increasing popularity of eReaders, some magazines or authors even offer eReader-only editions or publications for eReaders. Furthermore, Digital libraries also have specific sections for eReaders that only subscribers can get access to. If you own an eReader you would know the importance of a good internet connection to successfully use your reader. Having a fiber internet connection should be your first priority. We recommend you check out AT&T internet plans as there is a variety of options available for various internet needs.

If you’re skeptical of switching to an eReader instead of printed books, let us remind you of the reasons you need to transform your reading habits.

Why you need to switch to eReaders

First and foremost, eReaders are environment friendly. By switching to digital reading, you are promoting a paperless environment that our ecosystem is in dire need of. Imagine the number of trees that have to be cut down to print one copy of your favorite novel.

Secondly, eReaders use e-ink screens that do not strain the eyes as LCD screens do. You can spend long hours reading on your eReader and not complain about that burning sensation in your eyes or brain. With long battery hours, you can easily rely on your reader for long journeys or sleepless nights.

Before further ado, let’s dive into the best eReaders available in the market that you should definitely check out.

1.  Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This 2021 model is still making rounds amongst eReaders due to its outstanding quality and good reviews. Word of mouth goes a long way. Amazon Kindle readers are loyal for a reason. This upgraded version of the Kindle has a bigger screen, providing a larger page view than the previous models. The device’s body has been upgraded to resist water and add a layer of security to your much-valued reading buddy.

2.  Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids

This kid version of the Amazon Kindle is designed to survive a hard living. With a water-proof, flat-front design, this eReader offers a long warranty since the company knows the fate of gadgets in kids’ hands. You can rest assured that Amazon Kindle has your back.

To further protect the device, this eReader comes with a case to help avoid accidents. You will get access to a Kids+ content library filled with amazing options for kids to explore through. This is surely a great gadget to gift your kids and to develop their reading habits.

3.  Kobo Elipsa 2E

The Kobo Elipsa 2E is another great eReader option with a big screen and color temperature control that allows you to customize your screen and optimize your reading experience. The Kobo Elipsa 2E has an in-built over-drive integration and outstanding file support features so you can save your reading material and successfully maintain a log of your to-reads.

You can also make notes on the reader with a stylus that allows you to write and note down on the screen.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

A similar experience to the Kobo Elipsa 2E is offered by Amazon Kindle Scribe with its main feature being the digital note-making hardware that comes with the Kindle. The smooth touch screen lets you easily scribble on your screen so you can make the most out of your reading. Similar to the Kobo Elipsa, Amazon Kindle offers front light temperature control so you can adjust the warmth of the light to your liking.

The drawback of this device is that despite having a pen to scribble from, you can not draw with it. And, it is not waterproof so you’ll have to pay extra attention and handle it with care.

Wrapping Up

eReaders are a great way to read anywhere anytime with convenience. You can store up to thousands of books on your device, adjust your screen’s color, brightness, your text font, and customize your reading experience to make the best out of it! These eReaders are easily available online so look for your favorite and start reading with style!