Top 10 Driving Apps

Phones have firmly entered our lives. Even many drivers cannot do without useful applications installed on smartphones. In this article, we provide a list of programs that can make your life much easier if you often spend time behind the wheel, whether for work or leisure.


Waze has had a significant influence on the navigation industry. Many people utilize it as their primary mobile maps app for use while driving because it has route planning features. This is a very useful application if, for example, you went on vacation and do not know the routes well. Imagine what a great idea it would be to rent a sports car in uae and drive around Dubai at night with a breeze. A rented car will help you move around the city with convenience, and the navigator on your phone will not let you get lost. Additionally, it provides users with data about speed traps, accidents, and current traffic circumstances – you will be able to bypass all traffic jams, returning the rented car to the salon on time.

Drivers could point out the causes of high traffic so that other people are always aware of what is happening locally and can effectively plan their journeys. All drivers are aware of how stressful it may be when traveling by hired car and experiencing delays without knowing why or how long they will last. Waze users take the mystery out of traffic jams so you can know why you’ve been stopped and how long it could take to resume moving.

Smart Dash Cam

Dash cameras have elevated to the status of a need among many drivers in latest years. These devices capture everything you see. Moreover, these videos could be used as evidence in court. Lots of insurance providers reduce yearly premiums for drivers who use dash cameras and it is an additional benefit.

Since they may be very expensive, many drivers prefer to use Smart Dash App because is free.

The Smart Dash Cam turns your smartphone into a dashboard camera, making it a wonderful substitute for the more expensive real dash cam option.

Petrol Prices

Since purchasing fuel can be named as the most significant expense of maintaining a car, we frequently look for services that sell fuel at lower prices. But given that gasoline prices are continuously fluctuating, how can you be sure that you know the best prices?

An efficient app called Petrol Prices alerts you to the most affordable gas stations around. By subscribing to notifications, you’ll be informed each week of the most affordable choice, assisting you in minimizing your gasoline expenses.

Just Park

Identifying a parking place may be challenging, particularly if you’re traveling somewhere new, for example in the best locations of the unexplored Dubai. The answer is JustPark, which makes it simple to search for and book parking spots.

You may pick from a range of alternatives, with both car parks and private driveways, in addition to searching for. Moreover, you can pay for a place in-app.

Additionally, if you desire to make a little extra money, you may offer your parking location on the app. It will be great if your place of living is located in a prestigious neighborhood and you have a few extra spaces.

Find My Parked Car

If sometimes you are circling the parking, trying to remember where you put your vehicle, this software is for you.

By utilizing basic GPS tracking services, the Find My Car software will help you feel less anxious. You can use the program to store your vehicle’s position and even capture a snapshot of your parking space, set up an alert for when your ticket expires, and for some other features.


Do you currently use an electric car? PlugShare is a useful new software that’s accessible on both iOS and Android that displays the closest charging stations for electric automobiles.

So, if you see that your charge is getting low, just search PlugShare for the nearest charging station!


Do you frequently travel long distances for work and have issues keeping track of all your kilometers traveled?

We are aware that regular monitoring of miles can be difficult, particularly when you have to accurately account for your driving expenditures; this is where MileIQ comes in.

The software carefully tracks each of your excursions using the GPS and timer on your smartphone. It records start and stops timings as well as the overall number of miles traveled, and you can even specify the reimbursement rate per mile.

Simply swipe to classify visits as either work-related or leisurely, export to a spreadsheet, and you’re done!

We hope the article was useful. Use these apps and remember tips on how to safely use mobile in the car.