Top 3 Windows PC Screen Recorder for Students

Are you looking for the best screen recorder to record your online lessons on PC? A few decades ago, only a few institutes were teaching students via online classes, but after the covid-19 pandemic, most educational institutions, both public and private, introduced online classes, and till now, they are providing education online.

Undoubtedly, e-learning is the best way to get an education at home, but there are a few drawbacks like you cannot get notes, you can’t ask questions after class, and no face-to-face group discussion option is available. But don’t worry; you can still get a good education online by recording your live lectures. In this way, you can listen to your online lessons over and over again. If any point is unclear in your mind, you can check that specific part if you have a recording.

But the question is how to record online classes. Let me tell you, the internet is full of screen recorders for PC. You can try these screen recording softwares to record your online classes.

This blog aims to guide students on how they can record online lectures and what screen recorders are best for recording online classes in 2022.

3 best PC screen recorder

Here we enlisted the top 3 PC screen recorders, which are completely tried and tested tools.

  1. iTop screen recorder

The iTop Screen Recorder is a unique screen recording tool with flexible screen capturing capability, ultimate recording time, and different formats. It doesn’t matter if your classes are on zoom, Facebook, or any other platform, you can record the screen easily because it supports different platforms; you can perform recording tasks after quick installation.

In addition, it has good video quality and no watermark. With the help of the iTop screen recorder, you can record both video and sound at the same time. You can also capture screenshots during recording and edit these screenshots.

How to use iTop Screen Recorder to record screen on your PC?

If you want to record your lectures smoothly, download and install the iTop screen recorder

  • First of all, download the iTop Screen Recorder on your PC. You should download the tool from its original website and install its latest version.
  • Go to settings and tap on the recording option icon.
  • You can configure speakers, mic, mouse, webcam, storage location, video size, and audio formats.
  • Tap on save changes to activate all these features.
  • Select the region by tapping on “full screen .”A drop-down menu will appear where there will be options like a full screen, select windows, choose a region, and a fixed ratio.
  • Tap on the red record button. Before recording the actual video, 3 countdown buttons will appear. You can pause the video and take screenshots during the video.
  • Tap on the red done button and click the f9 button to finish the recording.
  • It supports many different formats like Mp4, AVI, FLV MKV MOV TS, And even GIF. Thus this recording will automatically be stored in your PC, and you can watch it whenever you want.
  • If you want to share this recorded lecture on any platform, you can post your online class lectures anywhere, like on your youtube channel directly with an iTop screen recorder.

What are the main features of the iTop screen recorder?

The iTop Screen Recorder is powerful tool that has various smart features such as

  • Intuitive interface

The iTop Screen Recorder interface is simple. Primary school or high school students can easily use this screen recorder.

  • HD screen recording with voice

The iTop Screen Recorder works smoothly and records full HD video with a clear voice. It captures both surrounding voice and streaming audio.

  • Capture screenshots

The students can take screenshots during the online session without disturbing screen recording.

  • Editing tool

The iTop Screen Recorder offers instant and advanced level editing tools for free.

  • Multiple output formats

You can save these recordings in different formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, TS, and GIF.

  • Unlimited screen recording

This tool allows the students to record the longer online session. They can record long sessions in one go or in different short parts too.

  • No subscription

The iTop Screen Recorder is a totally free tool, and all it free is available for free without a subscription.

  1. Bandicam

Bandicam is a top-rated PC screen recorder with many powerful features that make the recording easy for students. It helps the students to record multiple screens and capture screenshots.

Additionally, it allows you to add text while on the recording.

How to use Bandicam?

  • Download bandicam on your PC
  • Launch an app and choose the option fullscreen
  • Now click on red round button
  • The recording will be started,
  • Join live class, and record your screen
  • After class, Tap on stop recording; this recording will be saved into PC storage. Now you edit files too.
  1. Loom

Loom is the simplest screen recorder that is most used by students because it helps to record screens without any disturbance. This tool allows you to record webcams too. This tool comes with a lot of features, but most of the features are available in paid version only. You can not add notes on recording, and the screenshot option is available in the paid version.

How to use the loom?

  • Download loop software on your PC and launch it.
  • Create a loom account, or sign in if you have already
  • Do basic settings
  • Now go to your live class , join it
  • Go to app, Click on start recording; you can stop it by clicking on the option stop it.


All three above-mentioned screen recorders are best for students, but the iTop Screen Recorder is most recommended because it’s a free and easy-to-use tool for students. They do need to pay for iTop screen recorder.