Top Wellness Apps For A Healthy Lifestyle And Personal Care

In the frantic pace of weekdays and the beginning of fatigue from the cold season, we can often forget to take care of ourselves. This includes even such basic things as drinking water or getting enough sleep.

And it’s great that now you don’t need to buy another daily habit tracker, watch dozens of YouTube videos with exercises and buy smart watches to track sleep. Because all these tasks can be handled by applications for your smartphone. Here we have collected the best apps that can become your real assistants in life.


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Sleep Cycle

This application will monitor the quality of sleep and its phases, as well as analyze your movements and even snoring. If you want, the application will wake you up in the most superficial phase of sleep – exactly when your body needs it. You will be able to see graphs that reflect the quality of sleep and the amount of time spent in bed. To do this, you just need to place the phone as close to you as possible, and in the morning you will have all the information about your sleep.

Water Balance

An app that helps you keep track of your fluid intake. So you can clearly see if you are drinking your daily water intake. Other liquids such as coffee, tea or alcohol can also be added here. The application also has a “Tips” tab, in which you will find information on how the correct drinking regimen affects our body.


Application for meditations and breathing practices that you can use even in the office. They will help you instantly relax or, conversely, recharge your batteries – it all depends on what kind of practice you choose.


The application helps to acquire healthy eating habits and achieve your goals in this area. Lifesum counts calories and tailors the meal plan to the user’s taste preferences. There is a built-in gallery of recipes for balanced meals, as well as support and motivation at every stage.


The application combines an advanced pedometer and fitness training. With the help of GPS navigation, the route traveled is accurately compiled and the mileage is calculated. Pacer also allows you to exercise according to your own fitness plan and monitor changes in weight. Competition with friends and community support act as motivators.

Smoke Free

Smoke Free offers a smoking cessation plan and accompanies users on this difficult path. Asks questions about cravings and emotions during those moments. It shows how much money has already been saved and how health is improving. Issues badges for achievements. The names of those who said goodbye to cigarettes are entered on the honor roll.


A pill tracker is much more convenient than manually configured reminders and alarms. The user adds a medicine, sets the frequency of administration and units of measurement. At the right time, the smartphone displays notifications on the screen. An important advantage: MyTherapy will remind you when to go to the pharmacy to get your medicine. Also here you can keep a log of symptoms and save contacts of doctors.