Update / Reinstall Asus ROG eye webcam driver to see if it is working

Hello guys, I have a ROG eye camera that I used for 1 or 2 times. Now I am trying to use it but it doesn’t open and Asus ROG eye webcam driver don’t show on device manager. What should I do?   

This is what we saw a user posted on Reddit platform about the issue with Asus ROG eye webcam working. If you too are going through with the same difficulty, you should try out the following:

  • Make sure that it is plugged in properly.
  • You may unplug it and then plug it back or
  • Use try to different USB port or try it directly to the computer with no hub.
  • You can check for driver update/ re-install if the issue persists to solve the issue.

ASUS ROG Eye webcam overview

Streaming with Republic of Gamers Eye (ROG) Webcam from ASUS provides you a FULL HD 1080p resolution and a frame rate of 60 fps. It provides crispy and clear face views. Being a Face AC technology, it is an excellent tool that detects your face and adjusts the images to make it brighter and better stand out. With the WDR or Wide Dynamic Range, it can prevent infrared light and overexposed backlight condition. And, the beamforming microphone in the audio section helps it in filtering out ambient sounds of fans, whir, keyboard clicks and all other voices that your own. It is compatible with both Windows and Macs via USB. Since it is just 17 mm thin, it easily slips into a pocket and attackers to a laptop securely.

Features of Asus ROG Eye webcam

 Pros like streaming – It captures crispy FULL HD detail at a silky 60 FPS, double the frame rate of conventional cameras and so the movement will be smoother and more nuanced. Also, the beamforming microphone is there to for clear sound effect. Use it for enjoying sharper and smoother streaming with high visual fidelity, clear audio quality. In addition, as it is only 17 mm thin, it is fordable portably.

Brighter and clear images – Face Auto Exposure technology helps in detecting face and fine-tune the image to make it great for streaming even in low-light environment.

Wide Dynamic Range technology and Blue Glass – WDP helps in eliminate overexposure, even in backlight conditions, while blue glass is there to filter infrared light and reduce color shifts.

Clear Beamforming Microphone and high quality Audio recording – ROG eye has dual microphones unlike all other webcam available in the market. Also, it has the excellent beamforming technology to filter out ambient noises from surrounding

Compact and foldable – ROG eye is very slim, it can fold to 17 mm and slips easily into a pocket. You can attach it securely on any laptop without the help of any additional accessories.

 Asus ROG eye webcam driver update fixes not working issue 9 out of 10

 There are multiple users who are facing the Asus ROG eye webcam not working issue. Users searched for the solution on different forums online -as we have mentioned earlier one of such posts on Reddit platform. There are many.  Here is what another user’s reported on another online forum site:

 “i see my face for a second and then everything goes dark. webcam stops working on it’s own. so i googled all kinds of stuff and then i did what i thought i was supposed to do. go to device manager and uninstall whatever the thing under imaging devices was. and then i tried installing relatek card reader or something. now i’m REALLY lost as to what to do. help. please. don’t make me contact the asus people. They ask a lot of questions that would require me to read the papers that came with the laptop.”

 Like this, there are multiple ROG eye webcam not working issue arise when there is no proper driver installed on the device. And so, without wasting much of your time, you should firstly update your Asus ROG eye webcam driver. This might fix the issue that you are facing. To do so:

  • Open your Device Manager> Other devices
  • Click right to the item with “!” and then select properties,
  • Select the driver according to device computability and the software version using,
  • And then click on Update driver button.

You may re-install the webcam driver to give it a fresh start and help it in solving other conflict with other components and software. You can use different USB port or check in the computer with no hub if the Asus ROG eye webcam driver update / reinstall do not fix the existing issue. However, as the heading of this sub-section the driver update works 9 out 10 cases of Asus ROG eye webcam issues.