Use Macbook Pro safe mode to Fix Issues

The first thing that you need to do when facing issue with Macbook Pro is to start Macbook Pro safe mode. Switching to safe mode is the first step to troubleshoot issues with PC or laptop irrespective of its OS type and version.

With safe mode “ON”, the Mac starts without starting any other program. So, if the problem is caused by any other application other than the OS, you can test third-party program is causing the trouble instead of the Macbook Pro as a whole.

When the Macbook Pro is in its Safe Mode, several of its features get restricted. In order to use them, you need to restart the work-station once again.

Steps for Macbook Pro safe mode
  • In the Macbook Pro, go to the Apple icon present in the top left corner of the screen and select either “Restart” or “Shut Down”.

Macbook Pro safe mode

  • When the Macbook Pro is in its reboot or starts process, simultaneously press and hold the shift key. The Apple logo will appear on the screen.
  • A new login window will appear. This is the time when you have to release the shift key.
  • Now your PC open in “Safe Mode”

If the problem you were getting gets fixed in “Safe Mode” then simply restart the Macbook in default mode. In the default Macbook Pro booting, if the problems again comes back then this means that there is some another program starting simultaneously with the machine booting and causing issues.

In case if you want to check for Macbook Pro safe mode, you have to visit “System Preferences”. Go to the Apple icon at the top left corner and select “About this Mac”. Click on “System Report”.  A new pop-up window appears that have “Software” option. In the “Boot Mode” section, you will notice “Safe” listed next to it.

Features that you would not enjoy on your Macbook Pro in Safe Mode
  • It uses the basic and least required resource to boot the PC. All other start-up apps and items will get disabled
  • Very limited kernel extensions will function
  • The fonts that are located in /System/Library/Fonts location will only be loaded
  • All the login credentials will get disabled
  • Automatically deletes caches files such as kernel cache, font caches, system cache etc. stored in /Library/Caches/ /(uid:user ID). This helps to fix issues related to blue screen freeze startup issue

Limitation of Macbook Pro safe mode

So many apps that are heavily dependent on extensions will not function properly. The transparency effect in the interface will get disabled.

You will not be able to play DVDs, capture videos, or perform activities like network sharing, audio ports and so on.

Using Safe Mode in Macbook Pro to Resolve Issues

Possibly if you are performing safe boot because you have encountered some kind of issues with your work-station. It is quite tricky to detect the reasons for issues restricting you to boot your Macbook Pro normally. However, in most cases it is because of some newly installed software. So, basically if you delete all the recent installed application by using Safe Mode, you can fix the problem and return your Macbook to its previous state.

The general issues can be fixed by disk permission repair. Boot the Macbook Pro in Safe mode and then use the Disk Utility.

Further, if the problem still persists, you can use the “Time Machine Backup” to restore files or entire  System to the state before there problem started. Hopefully, this will fix the problems and your just have to restart your Macbook to use it in normal state.

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