What does grey box mean on snapchat? SnapChat symbols explained

In order to get the most out of an app, users must understand the different indicators used by it. We are talking about SnapChat in this article and will discuss what are the different symbols used for. You will get answered on the common question what does grey box mean on SnapChat. Also, we will cover what the grey arrow snapchat meaning. So, if you are also not familiar with them or not know what they actually mean for, you should read this article throughout.

SnapChat and its different symbols

SnapChat is an American instant messaging app and service from Snap Inc. it is one of the most popular social networks today. Youngsters are crazy on its principle feature of temporarily sending photos and videos to the friends or posting 24- hour stories to them to see.

However, it’s strange UI design which is a problem for many. The one most frequently asked questions from SnapChat users are from the viewed icon that of the app’s main chat page. While many are aware of red, purple and blue square boxes, grays are something that gets less light. In this article, we will tell you what grey box means on SnapChat.

What does grey box mean on SnapChat?

 The Box graphics come under Viewed icons. When you see an un-filled grey box to a chat, this means that the Snap is waiting to be read. It could be meant that it is expired, meaning it was sent and received and but never read. The full boxes mean you have things waiting for you.

Thus, you can say the color grey usually meant for something is pending. Let’s quickly see what other colored boxes on SnapChat mean to be:

  • Unfilled read box – this indicates that an audio was sent to the recipient and it was viewed,
  • Unfilled purple box- it means an audio snap has been shipped and has been viewed,
  • Unfilled blue box – it means for your chat has been viewed
  • Full read box – it means you have an unopened Snap with no audio,
  • Full purple box- it means that you have an unopened snap with audio
  • Full blue box- it means that you have an unopened chat.

What are the different arrows on SnapChat? What does grey arrow snapchat meaning?

The Arrows in SnapChat are Sent icons. The full grey arrow snapcat meaning you have sent a friend request that has yet to be accepted. If you receive full read arrow only, this means you sent a Snap without audio. For an audio you sent, you will see a full purple arrow to the recipient’s chat menu. You will see a full blue arrow when you send simply a chat.

You can also receive hollow red arrow, hollow purple arrow and hollow blue arrow icons under the following situation respectively when the snap is opened without audio, when audio snap is opened, and when your chat is opened.

Quick look to the other left symbols on SnapChat

There are other icons used to signify different chat or snap view status. These are:

  • Red Circle arrow – it is for your audio-less snap that has been replayed,
  • Purple circle arrow – it is for your snap with audio when replayed
  • Double- red arrow with three lines – when someone took a screenshot of your audio-less snap, you receive this icon
  • Double-purple arrow of three lines – you receive this symbol when someone took a screenshot of your snap with audio
  • Double blue arrow with three lines – when someone took a screenshot of your chat, you would receive this icon as notification

Gold Heat Icon on SnapChat

It is a SnapChat’s Best Friend icon. You see a person with gold heart to their name if you have the most snap to the person than anyone else and that they have done the same to you. There is a Red Heart and Pink Heart icon as well in the SnapChat that indicates best friend for over 2 weeks and 2 months respectively.

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