What is G Shift [Explained]

Logitech is known for making best gaming peripherals with amazing customization features like G Shift, DPI Shift. One of the best selling peripheral series is the Logitech G Series, which is a broad line of Gaming Mice, keyboards, Headsets and webcams and all of these products together make a coherent ecosystem.

Well here in this blog we are going to discuss about G Shift, if you also have a Logitech G-Series Mouse and you are keen to know about its functionality then keep reading this blog.

What is G Shift?

Well Logitech G Shift Mouse is a unique gaming mouse that offers the players two different ways to play. The first is the standard way which allows the user to use all the buttons and features without any issues.

The second is the G Shift Mode, and it allows you to use an extra button on the side of the mouse (G Shift feature). This button is used to do a variety of actions like changing the DPI or activating special features & G Shift functionality. The G Shift Mode also makes it easier to do complex actions such as aiming and firing at numerous targets.

So all in all Logitech Gaming Mouse is a great option for gamers who want a little extra control over their play by using G Shift functions.

There’s no doubt that G Shift is one of the most demanded choices and the reason behind it is of course the benefits of G Shift.

Some of the G-Shift benefits:

#. G Shift Customization gives the player an edge compared to other gamers, which is important during competitive gameplay.

#. Gamers prefer to have their mouse customized as per their comfort and practice.

#. G Shift provides an option to delete unwanted mouse button configuration, which is not required, and helps to override those by implementing the priority functionalities in gaming.

G Shift vs default

After analyzing so many users’ reviews about G Shift we concluded that the players are quite happy with their experience with the Logitech G Series.

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How to Set up G Shift Mode?

There’s no doubt that G Shift Mode enhance the user’s experience but in order to use this first of all the player needs to set up G Shift Mode.

Here’s how:

First of all open G Shift Menu just by pressing the G Button on your controller. After that select the G Shift mode you want to use. There are three G Shift Modes to choose from:

#. Normal: It’s a default G Shift Mode and in this mode, you will be able to use all of your controller’s button and triggers as normal.

#. Sniper: In Sniper Mode, your G button will act as a sniper scope. Pressing and holding the G Button will Zoom in your view, giving you a better view of your target.

#. Turbo: This mode provides the users a little extra firepower. When you press the G button in this mode, your weapons will fire faster than usual.

Once you have chosen your G Shift Mode, Press the start button to confirm your choice.

How can I use G Shift on my keyboard?

Since G Shifts is a built-in feature on most of the modern keyboards what permits that allows the users to type in upper case and lower case without using the Shift key.

To use the G Shift key, just press the G Key and then release it.

You will see that the next letter you type will be in upper case. If you want to type in lower case, simply press the G key again. You can also use the G Shift to type in symbols and numbers. To do the same, you need to press and hold down the G key, and then press the number or symbol you want to type. For example, if you want to type an exclamation point, you would press g + 1.

G Shift is a great way to add some variety to your typing and it can be a real time saver if you need to type in a lot of capitals.

Well that’s all about G Shift vs default, what is G Shift, we hope that this article was helpful for you in understanding the G Shift functionality.

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