What Is The New Technology For Dog Training?

Technology plays a significant role in everyone’s life in this era. New and innovative technology has found its way into almost every subject.

Dog training uses new technology and related devices to make life easier for you and your dog.

Let’s look at the new technology available for dog training and how it can benefit your dog.

New Technology For Dog Training

Digital IDs

Digital identification (ID) tags help locate your dog, especially if it gets lost. Families can easily find their beloved pets if they go out of sight.

Companies that provide this feature include services such as having scannable QR codes on your dog’s ID. When scanned, this code will pull up your dog’s unique ID number to help it guide back to you.

You will also receive an email with details, including a map locator that shows where your dog is currently located.

Training Collar

Training collars are very popular among a lot of dogs. They help teach your dog basic obedience skills, including sit, come, stand, etc.

There are several training collars, out of which the remote training collar is a popular technology-integrated option.

A remote training collar is a wireless collar with a receiver that the dog has to wear and a transmitter under the owner’s control.

Remote training collars work in several ways, such as through vibration, static shock, or noise.

Some added features of remote training collars are water resistance, different adjustable correction levels, and simultaneous use in multiple dogs.

It’s crucial to note that a training collar should be used alongside positive reinforcement, not as a standalone training method.

Pet Camera

Different kinds of pet cameras are available so you can monitor your dog even while you’re away from it.

Some pet cameras are two-way communication devices via which you can talk to your dog. It is helpful during early training days and if your dog shows signs of separation anxiety.

A microphone fixed to the unit allows two-way communication, while the camera provides a good view of your dog and the surrounding area.

Some of these devices come with a built-in treat dispenser that gives you the chance to reward your dog if it performs a trick you’ve taught or is generally well-behaved.

Puppy Potty Trainer

A puppy potty trainer senses when your puppy has correctly used the potty and then releases a reward to treat it for good behavior.

It’s an excellent technological addition to dog training, which can be immensely helpful to potty training your puppy even while you’re not around to reward it with a treat.

This training device consists of an internal sensor that can detect moisture and, once detected, sends a signal to the treat dispenser to release a treat.

Anti-Barking Tech

Barking could be a nuisance to many pet owners and their neighbors. A small amount of barking can be tolerated. However, loud and excessive barking could be an issue that must be corrected.

Different options are available for dogs that bark excessively, including sound-emitting collars and barking control centers for homes.

Bark-detecting tech devices are designed to blast an ultrasonic sound whenever they detect barking sounds. These can be hung outside on branches, and can see barking sounds up to 50 feet away.

Technology-Enabled Tools For Combating Separation Anxiety

Several technology-enabled tools can be used to combat separation anxiety in dogs. 

It includes subscriptions to television programs scientifically designed to address separation anxiety and help dogs deal with it when left alone at home.

The television program consists of relaxation programs that help anxious dogs calm down and relax.

Your dog doesn’t necessarily have to sit and watch these programs. Instead, they work on calming your dog using background sounds.

Technology-Enabled Dog Training Devices

Technology-enabled devices like invisible fences could be highly beneficial during dog training. They help keep your dog contained in the yard and notify you whenever it tries to go beyond the parameters that you have set.

You can mark the boundaries via flags in the yard. Your dog must wear a collar, which beeps whenever it gets near the border where the fence cable is buried. At this point, the collar may beep or vibrate based on its settings.

There are also smartphone-controlled collars with an app that lets you monitor your dog’s exercise routine. It’s the perfect device for owners who are away from home.

Games, Puzzle Toys, And Treat Dispensers

Dog owners can use different types of games and puzzle toys to keep their dogs entertained while they are away from home.

These games and puzzles keep your dog busy while you are away, and dispense treats to keep high-energy dogs in touch and entertained.

The treats can be set to be dispensers automatically when it detects your dog’s touch. These products keep dogs busy and entertained by dispensing treats on a schedule.

Final Thoughts

Introducing new technology has made dog training easier and more successful. Dog owners can easily monitor their dog’s training and other activities via pet cameras and similar monitoring devices.

They can also entertain their high-energy dogs using puzzles, games, and dispensers.

A few other technological inclusions in dog training include using remote training collars, unique identifiers, and invisible fences.

Read this to learn more about choosing the various online and physical dog training methods available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Popular New Technology Features Used For Dog Training?

The most popular new technology features for dog training include ID tags, remote training collars, puzzles and treat dispensers, pet cameras, and invisible fences.

What Is The Electronic Dog Training Method?

The electronic dog training method uses an electric collar that delivers a mild shock or vibration when a dog is not performing the required tasks while training.

Is The Use Of New Technology Suitable For Dog Training?

The use of new technology is suitable for dog training and can be used to make training effective and enhance the experience for your dog as long as it is used correctly.