What message does a blocked email address get?

Are you waiting for response to a mail which you have sent to a particular email address? And you are confused what happened to them because from your end you have successfully delivered the message but why you are not getting any reply? Several questions arise in our mind when we do not get reply. The first thing we think that they have blocked us but again a questions arises that if the sender is blocked then how can they send mails successfully?

You might know that if you are blocked by a particular email address then in such case, you can send mails successfully but you will be not notified by the Gmail or Yahoo or by any of the email service provider regarding your email block situation. Though you have sent the mails successfully to a blocked email address but it will not get delivered in the receiver’s inbox end and get filtered out in the spam section. Every email service provider including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. have their own mechanism to filter out block emails.

The users often search on several forums about what message does a blocked email address get? Well, keep in mind that the sender doesn’t receive any notification or message if they get blocked by a particular email address. They will be able to send mails as much as possible but all will go in vain as they are filtered out either in the spam section or get directly in the trash.

Now, we have concluded from the upper paragraphs that if we are blocked from a particular email address we can still send mails to them but the mails will be redirected into spam folder not in inbox, and you will only get reply when they open your mail and move them to the inbox if they find them worthy.

It has been observed that sometimes a legitimate email address gets blocked by the service provider itself. And the user who is accessing that email address does not have any idea about that. You must be thinking that on what criteria the sender gets block by the Email Service Provider. Don’t worry we will discuss in detail about the criteria; you just keep reading the blog.

When we use email services of any email service provider, then our security is totally their responsibility. And in order to keep their users safe from spams or frauds, they have made their own criteria to filter the spurious email address. But often times it filters out the genuine email addresses too. So  might be the below mention criteria used by them to filter out the email addresses which are not legitimate according to the service provider: Subject lines written in ALL CAPS, large and often bold font size, unknown email address in the From field, pure promotional and sales content.

But any email address is not only gets filter out by the service provider but often times it happens that our Antivirus program tends to over protective, ad when we receive any mail from a suspicious email address (according to the antivirus program) they prompt a message for not opening he mail as it can contain malwares/bugs. But keep in mind sometimes the legitimate addresses gets filter out by the email service provider and antivirus programs. But thankfully the filtered messages lands in your spam folder and you can access it and move it to your inbox according your necessity.


That’s all about what message does a blocked email address get? I think that now you are not in dilemma now the things are clear to you. You can send and receive emails from someone who has blocked your email address. And you will not get notified by the service provider. I really hope that the article was helpful for you.

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