WhatsApp video preview notification Feature is Coming

WhatsApp video preview notification

WhatsApp is going to launch a new feature to enhance users experience on its platform. This feature is “WhatsApp video preview notification”. It lets you preview videos in the notification bar.  A trusted Online publisher, WABetaInfo has tweeted about this features.

You are currently able to see text messages, photos, and gifs via the notification bar without clicking and downloading them but not the videos. Now, its latest features add the WhatsApp video preview features. You will be able to see preview of the videos without downloading them. WhatsApp might be expecting this features helps users to consume their chat in better way.

Moreover, at presents WhatsApp users have to open the app for checking the videos and thus the last seen videos get changed. But after this features, you don’t have to worry about the last seen and even the blue ticks showing on the sender’ address and you will just see the videos preview on the notification bar.

According to WABetaInfo, this features works only for iOS beta users having the version installed.  It is soon be available to all App Store users. However, WABetaInfo wasn’t highlighted its functioning. It was Carsten Knobloch who posted the features as a reply to the WABetaInfo tweet.

In his tweet,Carsten Knobloch states, “Apparently. As mentioned: My wife can use the new function, a friend’s wife cannot. Both use the App Store version, have never used a beta. In the video: My wife’s iPhone, I hope you mean this feature (Watch the video in the notification)”.

As you see, he texted the features not worked yet on beta version and only is featuring with the App Store version. This is because; this feature hasn’t been rolled out yet officially.

The WhatsApp video preview notification is only available on WhatsApp version The WhatsApp also give an option for those users who do not want to preview the videos on their notifications bar on lock screen. For this, customize their notification settings from the app.  However, you should use that feature as it allow you deciding whether you need to download the videos or not. Since, there may be some vulgar videos coming on your WhatsApp that you intentionally won’t want to download. So such cases, WhatsApp video preview features will be very helpful.

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