Which iPhone models are vulnerable to Pegasus Spyware?

You all know Pegasus Spyware. It is a spyware recently designed by an Israel based company to monitor people and government use it.

There are reports around that the spyware is taking control over iPhones.   This is true. The virus is running rampant over iPhones.

The obvious question arise here is that which IPhones are affected by Pegasus. There are certain iPhone models that have been called vulnerable. This includes the latest iPhone 11 and 12.

Amnesty, in its report, named these two IPhone models in the list of the affected iPhones by Pegasus. Apart from this, iPhone 5S and IPhone SE 2 are also in the vulnerable device list.

 It is common that all iPhones have iOS. But, there are certain iPhone models that are vulnerable to the Pegasus infection. These models are the ones on which the security researchers from Amnesty tested for the Pegasus.

From the Washington Post report, the iPhone modes that can be affected by Pegasus include iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE 2.

These models are the ones that were cited in the reports of the Pegasus infection. Out of 23 iPhones tested by Amestry, 12 iPhones were exposed through vulnerability called zero-click on iMessage.

Don’t panic, if your iPhone is in the list. If you think your phone is affected, please contact to cyber-security expert.

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