Xbox one controller disconnecting (SOLVED)

With the introduction of wireless technology in gaming consoles it has become very beneficial for users to enjoy their time without having to worry about getting wires tangled. Xbox controller came with Bluetooth wireless technology so users can connect and play in any direction. With its advantages there come a set of disadvantages when using wireless technology. Bluetooth has a very limited range so the controller can’t be very far from the console.

It gets really frustrating when your Xbox one controller disconnecting frequently while in an intense multiplayer match or fighting a boss. This isn’t some major issue with the controller and many users face this type of problem in their day to day life.

If you are having the same issue with your controller and are looking for sure solutions then we have mentioned all the solutions with steps that you can follow so you will not have to worry about getting disconnect again.

Check the batteries in your controller

The simplest solution is to check your batteries. If you have been using your controller for a long time and haven’t changed the batteries then this could be the very cause of your problem. To find out whether your problem is batteries or not, simply check the percentage remaining of your controller from the home screen.

Sit a bit closer to your console

Another very common mistake people make is to sit very far from your console. As you know that Bluetooth don’t have a whole lot of range and people often misjudge the distance. As you move further away from the receiver the worse your connection get which results in getting your controller disconnected. Sit a little closer to your console and see if the connection gets better or not. If it does then you have found your solution.

Connect your controller with a wire

After using the above methods if are still having problem then the better solution would be to use a wired controller. Every Xbox Series X Controller comes with a Type-C to Type-A (USB) connecter inside the box.

Notice a Type-C connection port at the top of your controller, this port can be used to connect and use your controller with wired connection. This will eliminate all the possible issues related your wireless connection.

Reset the pair better console and controller

You can re-pair your controller with your console which can possibly solve some glitches or bugs that could be the reason of disconnection. To do so follow these steps

Step 1: Look for a Pair button above the USB port on your console, Press and Hold until the light flashes.

Step 2: At the back of your controller look for a Pair button and Press and Hold that button until the Xbox button starts flashing.

Step 3: Check if the light blinking are in sync with both the controller and the console. If it is then your controller has been successfully been Re-Paired.

Power Cycle both the Console and the Controller

Another possible reason you might be getting disconnected is because of some bugs. Restart your console and controller to see if this might be the solution

How to Power Cycle Console

Step 1: Press and Hold Xbox button on your console for roughly 10 seconds, this will shut down your console. Leave it for 15 second approx.

 Step 2: Press the Xbox button again to Boot your Xbox again.

How to Power Cycle Controller

Step 1: Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller for 5 second this will turn off your controller manually. Wait for 15 second approx.

Step 2: Press the Xbox button again to Turn On your controller.

Check after doing both of the process if the controller is still disconnected or not.

Update Your Controller Firmware

If you haven’t updated your controller for a long time then it’s better for you update the firmware. The method to update the firmware is given below

Step 1: Open Setting menu on your Xbox.

Step 2: Find and open Driver and Accessories.

Step 3: Select three dots under the list of connected controller and select Configure.

Step 4: Select Update now option and then Continue.

Your Xbox will update your controller and this process will take a few moments. After the completion of the update check whether if you still having the disconnect issues or not.

Update Your Xbox One

Update your Xbox console too if you have updated your controller. This will eliminate almost all the possibilities related to your console being the issue rather than the controller.

To Update Your Xbox One

Step 1: Open Setting menu in your Xbox.

Step 2: Find and open System and Update.

Step 3: Select Update Console and Start Update.

You don’t need to update your console manually most of the time as it happens automatically in the background.

The Last and final method that you can try is to either buy a new controller or take some of your friends or relative Xbox One’s Controller and try pairing with your own console. If this happen to work perfectly then your controller is broken and you need to get a new pair.

Connectivity issue with console is nothing new and can happen to most of us. We have given you all the methods and steps possible for you to try and solve your issue. If Your Xbox One controller is connected to a computer then, the disconnection be happening because of you driver not being on the latest version. Finding the right driver for your controller can become a very lengthy procedure and can often become the very reason for the issue, therefore we would like to suggest you to try our Automatic Driver Update Solution. Our Automatic Driver Solution will find the most appropriate update package with its advance logic and complex algorithm.

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