Best Place to Sell Old Electronics

Today our life is surrounded by technologies and electronic devices to make our lives much easier and these techs are evolving at a very high rate. And due to this surge of technical advancement electrical devices are getting upgraded at a much higher pace which is ultimately resulting in us switching our electronics with their latest iteration.

With this we are accumulating old devices at a faster rate too and wondering what to do with them. And one of the solutions that many find is selling their old electronic appliances as it get rid of them as well as give some return investment. There are many online webpages that provide this service however not all of them can be trusted.

If you are thinking about selling your old devices and want to know the best place to sell old electronics then read the below article as we  have mentioned all the best possible websites which you can try.

Top 5 Website to Sell Used Electronics

These are some of the most used and popular website that millions of user use with a very positive critic reviews and no sketchy schemes behind them.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and now it offers a Marketplace where use can sell and buy used electronics and other items. Due to it being the biggest if offer the widest spectrum for both the seller and the buyer to device on thing and achieve their desired results. Facebook Marketplace is like a mediator as it just provides the platform to advertise the item you are selling and buying.

User does not need to buy any subscription or register to use, a person with a Facebook account can either sell or buy. The only downside is that you have to perform all the action such as communicating the buyer or seller and deliver the promised product which involves some risks as one can easily get ripped off or get scammed. It you are careful then you can successful sell your electronic at your desired price.

  1. eBay

eBay is one of the largest online marketplace with an enormous network with features like appraisal tool which determine a price of the electronic device or other items you are selling with a competitive pricing. This feature is very helpful for those who do not want to invest time researching about the product and its second hand value.

Sellers also have the option to host auction where buyer can bid on them and seller could send them at a much respectable pricing. However you can also set fixed pricing which eliminate the waiting process if they want to sell their items efficiently and without any hassle. There are some cons to eBay as well such as seller has to take accommodation of selling fee as well as shipping fee which might make the profit margin much lower.

  1. Gazelle

If you want to sell only your electronic items then Gazelle is the best site to sell used electronics. When user sign up and list the product they want to sell the website ask some questions which are quite important for both the seller and the buyer. Some of them include device working condition, their physical condition and if the product has any dents, scratches, broken components, etc.

These questions verify the authentic of both the electronic and the seller to give a trustworthy experience so the sellers can get their required price as well as buyer their products. Gazelle is absolutely free to use so you can start selling your items as soon as you make your account and list the product.

  1. OLX

If you are a user who wants to sell their electric device with ease then there is no better website than OLX. It provides a user friendly interface for both the seller to list their items as well as the buys to look for their desired products. Sellers just need to verify their estimate location, category, item name and the product description.

OLX is free to use however if you are in a hurry or list multiple products then you can purchase their monthly subscription to list all of them as well as get featured at the top in that specific category which makes it easier for the potential buyer to find it and interact with the seller. However this is all optional and you can sell your electronic without buying their subscription as well.

  1. Canticash

Canticash is another very excellent platform which can be used to sell your used, old as well as broken electronics. One of its best features is that it is free to use with user friendly interface and does not ask seller awkward questions. To sell all you need to tell is the device functionally and the condition you are presenting to the buyer.

Another good thing about Canticash is that user only need to worry about the UPS or USPS fee as it does not require any extra convince fee or seller fee. They also support standard payment options including PayPal, Google Pay, Venmo, Cash App and others so there is no problem in getting the amount of your sold electronics.


Nobody want to clutter their house with old electronics and if there are several of them just lying around with no use then you can sell them and receive the investment return and de-clutter your house. For that if you are looking for best place to sell old electronics then read the above article as we have listed all the best websites and platforms.

Samir Prakash Author