Zoom Cloud Meetings App Download [Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android]

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Windows 11’s Bluetooth; steps to enable pair and remove devices

Windows 11 brings UI changes to almost everything in the Settings App. Bluetooth is not an exception. Now, the tech offers you shares your files and connect devices wirelessly. If you want to know how to turn on Bluetooth radio on Windows 11 and various new changes brought up to the Bluetooth Settings, you should […]

What to do when “youtube error 429 too many requests” notification is shown?

If you are an avid YouTube user, you might encounter an issue that says “YouTube error 429 too many requests”. This notification appeared on more than one occasion on Thursday, May 14 when the website went down. This is frustrating to encounter with an error while trying to watch some favorite creators on YouTube or […]

What to do when you are not receiving emails (or from a particular sender)

Imagine the consequences if you receive an important mail after the deadline or worst if you are unable to receive any emails. If you are unable to receive mails on your personal account it might be fine but you can get into deep trouble if you are unable to receive emails on your work account. […]

What is Reverse Image Search feature of Google? How to use it?

Have you heard about “Reverse Image Search” feature of Google? You might. It is just reverse of searching an image related to the text entered in the search bar. In other word, with this feature, you can know all the details about an image by searching an image instead of text. It is helpful in […]

What is kernalbase.dll and how to fix KernelBase dll error? [Solved]

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[Solution] Ways to Fix D3dx9_42.dll Is Missing Error on Windows: Tips & Tricks

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Update or Reinstall Graphics Card Driver on Windows 10 Device

Graphics Card is also known as ‘Video Card’, ‘Display Adapter’, ‘Video Adapter’ and ‘Graphics Accelerator’. Display Adapters are essential part of your computer that controls and enhance how graphics including pictures, videos, programs, animation and 3D are displayed on your computer screen. Graphics card components are on the separate card that plug into a slot […]

Update or reinstall Canon scanner software can solve scans fail issue

Canon scanner software decides how smooth the scanner works on your system. it may possible that your system hasn’t the updated canon scanner version due to which you are finding the problem with its full operation. There could be other factors possible that results into the same issues. In this article, we will discuss about […]

Tumblr Alternative Youllo Features Import Tumblr Blog

Import Tumblr Blog With Youllo: After Impacts of Adult Content Ban On Tumblr After Tumblr’s big decision to ban NSFW content from its platform, it’s common for users to find new alternatives. This decision not only helping old Tumblr alternatives to gain user base, but also allowing new platforms to take benefits and court Tumblr […]