What is Reverse Image Search feature of Google? How to use it?

Have you heard about “Reverse Image Search” feature of Google? You might. It is just reverse of searching an image related to the text entered in the search bar.

In other word, with this feature, you can know all the details about an image by searching an image instead of text. It is helpful in knowing the real origin of an image or more details about it.

Reverse Image Search is usually used for identify fake images used for spreading fake news. There are many platforms including Google, TinEye, Tandex and Bing Visual Search that provide this service.

However, people rely most on Google reverse image search because of its popularity. In this article, we will provide you guide how to reverse image search on Google.

How to do reverse image search on Google on desktop?

  • Open your web browser,

  • Type web address images.google.com in the URL bar,

  • Now, upload the image you want to reverse search (you can paste its URL as well) by clicking on the “Search by Image” option,

  • You will be on the original page of the image, telling from where the image came into existence.

Note: If you are using SmartPhones, so, use the desktop mode since the option to upload to image may not available without the desktop mode.

You can use a tool named GoogleImageShell for even easier way of doing this. Using it, you can reverse search image on your PC just by right-clicking it.

Steps to use GoogleImageShell for searching Google for images

  • Your first step is to install the tool. Visit GoogleImageShell release page and download the file GoogleImageShell.exe on your system,
  • Navigate to the file upon downloading and right-click on it and run it as administrator,
  • In the install window, you have to choose the text you want to see in the context menu for reverse search an image and select an image-type you want it to work on. Then, click on Install button,

  • After successful installation, navigate to the picture using Windows Explorer,
  • Then, Right click on the aforementioned image file. You will find an option name “Search on Google Images” or the custom text you entered during the installation,

  • Click on the said option and the tool will do the required job for you.

Samir Prakash Author