What to do when you are not receiving emails (or from a particular sender)

Imagine the consequences if you receive an important mail after the deadline or worst if you are unable to receive any emails. If you are unable to receive mails on your personal account it might be fine but you can get into deep trouble if you are unable to receive emails on your work account. In such cases it can leads to a blunder or even worse you may lose your job.

Here in this tutorial we will talk over what to do when you are not receiving emails (or from a particular sender). In this blog we will discuss about the above issue which has been reported by several users on many community websites and forums. If your purpose to visit the page was finding a resolution to this issue then keep reading the blog till the end. We will discuss about the same in detail.

Why I am not receiving mails from a particular sender?

Connection Issues

It sounds stupid but it can be a reason if you are not receiving mails. It can be possible that there is an issue with the sender’s internet connection. As we all know that for sending or receiving mails we must have a stable internet connection. So if you are not receiving mails, kindly check your connection.

If the email was saved as draft by mistake

Sometimes it happens when the email saved as a draft instead of sending. It generally happens when we are in rush and we do such a mistake.

Emails that contain attachments

Emails that contain attachments are sometimes blocked because they create issues. When you’re sending large attachments, we suggest you to use secure file transfer application instead of zipping them. Zip files are not very safe because they have malware such as CryptoLocker and Cryptowall.

The email is sent to group address

If you are not receiving mails from our company then it might be possible that they are using a group address such as support @ or something else and hey have send the email in the group address instead of your personal email account in such case you need to check in group whether they have receive the email or not.

The sender has incorrect email address

If the sender is sending the email on wrong email address which doesn’t belongs to you then you will never receive email from that particular sender, if they are not following the same address format.

Sometimes email takes time to land in your inbox

It is quite understood that emails are one of the fastest means of communication. Sometimes it takes few minutes for landing in the receiver’s inbox. But it happens in rare cases that it takes hours to deliver the email due to any reason. So if you were expecting any email then it can be possible that it is stuck somewhere that’s why taking time than usual.

Emails are marked as spam

According to me, the email service provider have filters which filter outs the emails which are not found to be genuine. But after all it’s a technology and we cannot depend on it fully, so sometimes its happens that an important email is also marked as spam and redirected to the spam folders, in such cases you need to cross check your spam folder and mark them as safe.

What to do when you are not receiving emails (or from a particular sender)

If you are not receiving emails from a particular sender then you can follow the below mention suggestions to get rid of your situation:

  1. The very first thing you need to check if you are not receiving emails on Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo whichever email service you are using. You need to check if you have blocked the sender by mistake or it has been mark as spam. You will not be able to receive emails in your inbox, if you have block/ move the sender to spam folder.
  2. Second thing, you need to do is, get confirm by the sender if they have your right email address, or are they using it in right format or not. If the sender is not following the right address format, then it is just next to impossible to receive their emails.
  3. If you are not receiving the emails then we suggest you to check your network connection, if everything is fine with yours connection then it can be a possibility that the sender is having connection issues.
  4. If you are using Outlook email service provider and you are expecting email from a Yahoo user, then it is very important that Yahoo is supported in your area/ city or country.

Bottom Line

My job is done here! I really hope that I have provide ample information about what to do when you are not receiving emails or Why am I not receiving emails from a particular sender. So if are using any email service provider Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other then you can cross check he above mention suggestions to deal with the issue.

Apart from this, kindly write us on our Facebook and Twitter Page, if you have any queries or concerns regarding the same. Thanks a lot for your valuable time. Have a great day.

Samir Prakash Author