What to do when “youtube error 429 too many requests” notification is shown?

If you are an avid YouTube user, you might encounter an issue that says “YouTube error 429 too many requests”. This notification appeared on more than one occasion on Thursday, May 14 when the website went down.

This is frustrating to encounter with an error while trying to watch some favorite creators on YouTube or just want access to the YouTube’s analytics. In this article, we will try to mention almost every possible reason why such issues actually occur. Also, we will guide you how you can fix the issue completely.

Know about “YouTube error 429 too many requests”

One or more occasion users face the issue that looks like 429 Too Many Requests, 429 Error, HTTP 429 or Error 429 (Too Many Requests) while trying to click on something on YouTube. We collect numerous reports from numerous users the issue and device a set a solutions.

Also, we tried to find out the reason why the issue is actually triggered. We found the following could be the reason for “YouTube error 429 too many requests” error:

  • Request Limit: In servers, there is certain security protocols installed that control the number of requests that users can make to the server. It could be possible you exceed the limit of the number of requests and due to which you are banned for temporarily or for permanently.

This ban is implemented on users’ IP addresses. There could be some websites that ask users to enter a CAPTCHA and provide you access by getting past the ban, others completely ban the IP addresses for a limited amount of time.

  • ISP Ban: In this case, YouTube might ban the ISPs and blacklist their IP addresses. We have a report of OVA –a cloud computing company of which YouTube blacklisted their some of the IPV6 and IPV4 addresses.

 We hope, you have now better understanding of why YouTube error 429 too many requests could cause. Now, we are moving to its solution. Before that, we recommend you please implement these in the order as provided so as to avoid any conflict.

Different methods to fix “YouTube error 429 too many requests”

Method 1:

Before you try any other methods, you should make sure if the issue is not with the laptop or the computer device. You can fix any issues with systems using “PC Repair Tool”. This software is capable of finding and fixing any BSODs, DLL errors, system files and registry issues and other system based issues.

Also, if the issue is caused due to malware or virus infections, this software offers you complete removal of these threats and fix any issues caused by them automatically. We recommend you use this software before doing anything else. This works most of the times. You can easily download the “PC Repair Tool” from the link below:

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Method 2:

In case, YouTube error 429 too many requests notification on YouTube is because of ban of the IP on your connection, you can easily lift this ban by changing the IP address. This can be done by resetting the internet router. Here are the steps of doing this:

  • Just plug out the power of the internet router from the socket directly,
  • Now, click and hold on the router’s power button for sometime, 20-30 seconds,
  • Then, plug the power back again and click on power button,
  • Wait for sometimes to ensure internet access and then check if the problem persists.

Method 3:

 It is possible that the YouTube blocked OVH or any other VPS that you are using. You should contact the ISP to get a surety about it. Ask the company to change the IP address if the ISP or the IP address is found to be blocked.

Method 4:

If you are using YouTube-DL Command line you have, you have an option to execute command that forces YouTube to use IPV4 instead of IPV6. The complete steps of doing this are provided below:

  • On the YouTube-DL command line, type in the command below and press Enter,

youtube-dl -4

  • -4 will then prompt the application to force connecting to IPV4.

Encountering YouTube error 429 too many requests is always frustrating. You run into this error often because something is overwhelming your server with too many requests. However, conflict due to crucial files or errors due to DLLs, BSODs and other system errors could be the reason for this issue and in this case our recommended tool will provide you the fix.

Samir Prakash Author