Disable Siri Shortcuts Notifications on iPhone [Easy Guide]

Siri Shortcuts” – is the app available on Apple App Store which deliver a easy way to get things done with your Apps installed in your iPhone with just a tap or by asking “Siri”. This app allows you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps using your favorite apps. This app “Siri Shortcuts” app can be opened/launched from “Today Widget”, from “Search” or by asking Siri.

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How to Change Hotmail Password on iPhone [Easy Guide]

Change Hotmail Password on iPhone” is one of the best options to protect your account from any unauthorized activity like cyber attacks and/or other similar activities. You can change your Hotmail Account password once in a month or two months. In security term, changing your Hotmail Account password is best method to prevent your account from any illegal attacks.

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How to Fix Voicemail not working on iPhone [Easy Guide]

If you are facing Voicemail not working on iPhone after upgraded iOS of your iPhone, then you are in right place for solution. Here, we are discussing on How to Fix Voicemail not working issue on iPhone in details and providing easy steps/methods to do so. What is Voicemail on iPhone? Voicemail App shows you […]

MovieBox Pro VIP free access iOS

How to get Free MovieBox Pro VIP Mode on iOS?

Free MovieBox Pro VIP access on iOS As you known that, MovieBox and ShowBox were suffered from major outage problem last year and we had get the news regarding both the apps that, the service is no more. Users were shocked after getting the app has been shutdown officially. Since, ShowBox was back up after […]

send 5 minutes video Whatsapp

How to Send 3 Minute Video on WhatsApp [Android/iPhone/Web]

Have you experiencing the troubles while you trying to send more than 16MB of videos to your contacts? As you known that WhatsApp has file size limit 16MB i.e., you can only send images, music, videos of its limit size. It means that if you will try to send video files to your contact, then […]

How to Find Blocked Numbers on iPhone [Easy Guide]

Here, we are discussing on “How to Find Blocked Numbers on iPhone” in details and providing steps to find blocked numbers, removing them from blocklists, call/text them back without removing the blocked numbers from list. Let’s starts the discussion. If you want to see the blocked numbers on iPhone without removing them from blocklist, then […]

How to block no caller id on iPhone?

Are you regularly getting irritated by the unknown callers which usually turn out to be a spammer, telemarketer and so on? Are you wondering how to block no caller id on iPhone? Unknown calls on iPhone are labeled as Private or Anonymous and it is possible to block these unknown callers. In USA, the “Federal […]

My iPhone Won’t Charge, But It Says It’s Charging: Tricks To Fix

It’s quite often happens for an iPhone users to see their device is plugged in for charging, even it says charging but won’t charge further. The situation is quite disappointing at the moments when faced. If you are also one of those and facing this hurdle with your Apple device, then this article will provide […]

How To Fix Hotmail not Working on iPhone [Solved]

If you are facing Hotmail not working on iPhone and you are unable to check/send/receive emails from your iPhone device, then you are in right place. Here, we are discussing about “Hotmail not working” problem in details and providing some recommended procedures/methods to fix this issue on iPhone. Let’s starts the discussion. What is Hotmail? […]

Fix Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Missing On Windows 10

If you are facing Apple mobile device USB driver missing error on Windows 10 while you trying to connect your iPhone to your PCs/Laptops, in that case you can read & follow our instructions to fix this issue. In this article, we are discussing about this error in details and providing some recommended methods to […]

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