Do inactive Tinder accounts get deleted? Or Does Tinder profiles delete inactive accounts? (Detailed Information)

Tinder is known for Swipping and it was the very first app to do so. But back in the day, it was called Matchbox because it was only accessed by the teenagers. But nowadays the data says that there are more than 50 million active users and out of 50 million 10 million users are active users but what about the inactive accounts. Apparently, Tinder has thousands of accounts which are inactive probably has not been accessed from months. So later in this blog, we will discuss about the inactive accounts on Tinder but before that we want to highlight some other studies about the app. So let’s get started.

 A study says that Tinder users are likely to be unconfident and have low self esteem. But in my opinion, it is true for everyone on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook because when we scroll our screens we start comparing ourselves from others and then we get depressed about our own lives and we start thinking that other lives are damn happening and we are just out of the frame. That’s why some people believe in maintaining distance from this mesmerising world. But everyone is different from the next and there are millions of people around the globe who enjoys a lot to be a part of it. And considering those users we are here with this blog and as we have earlier mentioned that we will discuss about the inactive accounts on Tinder so without any further delay let’s start the discussion. But firstly let me introduce you the highlights of today’s blog: Do inactive Tinder accounts get deleted? Or does Tinder profiles delete inactive accounts?

Details on what happens to the Inactive Tinder Account?

The deletion of the Tinder Account will depend on the duration of your inactivity. If you have been inactive for a while then your profile will be less visible but will not get deleted by Tinder. Your Profile will still be visible to others if you delete the app from your device. But according to the Tinder, if your account has been inactive for more than 7 days then its visibility over the app for other users decreases. Additionally if you don’t log in to your account within 2 years then the app may terminate your account due to inactivity. The company has their own reasons behind deleting the inactive accounts because these inactive accounts makes the server slow that degrades the overall performance for the active users, so in order to clear the junk or glitches on the server,  the inactive Tinder account gets deleted.

Permanently Deleting Your Account?

If you don’t have time to sign up in your account then we suggest you to delete your account permanently, but remember once you delete the account you will permanently lose messages, matches, and other related info related with it. Follow the below mention steps to delete your account:

  • Log in to Tinder app/
  • Tap on the Profile icon
  • Navigate to the Settings>then scroll down and select Delete Account

As we have earlier mentioned that deleting the app will not delete your account. And if you have purchased Tinder Subscription by using your Apple ID on iOS then deleting the app/ account will not cancel your subscription but if you have purchased it through Google Play Store or Tinder Web hen deleting the account will cancel your subscription.

That’s all about Do inactive Tinder accounts get deleted & does Tinder profiles delete inactive accounts.   I really hope that the post was helpful for you and being a Tinder user you might understand that the algorithm on which Tinder works have not revealed by and quite complex to understand.

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Samir Prakash Author