Explained Sekiro best quick items and its uses [Solved]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game which is available for platforms like Windows, Xbox One, Stadia and PlayStation 4. And if we talk about the gameplay then it’s known that Items plays a key role in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. They can be consumables, projectiles or keys. Items are obtained through a variety of ways but you can mainly find them on ground, on defeated foes corpses, or after killing a boss.

Well here in this article we are going to discuss some frequently reported queries; if you are too a beginner and eager to know about the same then keep scrolling the article.

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Sekiro Best Quick Items

Quick Items provide an array of beneficial uses for the Wolf that can be quickly used at this disposal. We have enlisted some quick items with the item effect you can check:

Ako’s Sugar: It temporarily increases Posture Damage dealt to enemies.

Antidote powder: Heals Poison, reduces Poison buildup and increase Resistance.

Ceramic Shard: Throw to distract enemies and make them inspect the noise.

Divine Confetti: Allows attacks to hit ghost-type enemies.

Divine Grass: Fully restores vitality and cures all status abnormalities.

Dousing Powder: Heals burning, reduces Burning buildup and increases Resistance

Pallet: Consume a Pallet to slowly replenish health over time.

Fistful of Ash: Throw it at an enemy to temporarily distract and build them

Gachiin’s Sugar: Temporarily reduces noise made from movement.

Gokan’s Sugar: Temporarily reduces Posture Damage taken from enemies.

Healing Gourd: Use to replenish health quickly through limited uses- recharges while resting.

Heavy Coin Purse: Use to obtain a greater amount of Sen immediately.

Homeward Idol: Allows user to teleport to last Sculptor’s Idol or to the Dilapidated Temple

Light Coin Purse: Use to obtain a handful of Sen immediately.

Mibu Balloon of Spirit: Temporarily increases rate of gaining Spirit Emblems

Mibu Balloon of Wealth: Temporarily increases rate of obtaining Sen

Mibu Possession Balloon: Temporarily increases rate of obtaining Items.

Oil: Douses an area and enemies in oil to become more susceptible to fire.

Snap Seed: Breaks the effect of illusion techniques

Ungo’s Sugar: Temporarily increases Defense and reduces damage taken

White Spirit Emblem: A type of Currency used to perform moves with your Shinobi Prosthetics

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How to use quick items Sekiro?

If you want to use quick items in Sekiro is to go into the menu. Note that it’s a onetime thing or whatever you need to swap them out. Press Options/Menu in order to navigate to the main menu screen. In the second row there is the Quick Item Menu. Five open spots are available and you can put any usable item into them for quick access in the game world, without opening the screen and fussing with the menu.

Here select any five open spots and select it. It will bring you to the inventory screen where you can select which item goes in this slot. Our Healing Gourd should probably be there, as well as Pallets. Everything else is fair game, so pick whatever is most useful to you at the current time. You can swap these as you progress and encounter unique challenges like Headless which requires Divine Confetti. Either way pick the item, you want, then fill the other spots if you feel like it.

Here, back into the actual world of Sekiro, your quick item is in the bottom right. By using D-Pad you can cycle through the items you put in there, going left or right as you want. Once you find the item you want to actually use just press up on the D-Pad and you are good to go.

How to loot enemies in Sekiro?

In order to loot enemies, the player needs to hold down to square on PS4 (or X on Xbox One) button. It will basically create a vacuum on your character that sucks in any and all items & money in a wide area, bringing them right to you.

This makes it unbelievably easy to loot enemies quickly, and you are usually best off finishing all enemies in an area & focusing on combat then looting everything at the end before you move on.

Note that’s ever commons enemy you will kill in this game will reward you with Sen but keep in mind if you die the amount of money you have will be cut completely in half.

Because of this, it’s always a good idea to find an area or two that you can simply clear of enemies, just in case you want a grinding spot to wrack up Sen and Skill Points.

One can make enemies respawn by navigating to the Sculptor’s Idol and selecting rest ad there’s no limit to the amount of experience and Sen you can get.

About Sekiro all important items

Well there are numerous Sekiro Items and we have enlisted all the important items, you can check:

Sabimaru Memo

Scrap Iron

Scrap Magnetite

Shinobi Prosthetic

Snap Seed

Three-story Pagoda Memo

Treasure Carp Scales

Truly Precious Bait

Ungo’s Spiritfall

Ungo’s Sugar

Unrefined Sake

Valley Apparitions Memo

Water of the Palace

White Pinwheel

Yashariku’s Spiritfall

Yashariku’s Sugar

Yellow Gunpowder

Young Lord’s Bell Charm

Adamantite Scrap

Ako’s Spiritfall

Ako’s Sugar

Antidote Powder

Ashina Sake

Bite Down

Black Gunpowder

Bulging Coin Purse

Bundled Jizo Statue

Ceramic Shard

Contact Medicine

Dancing Dragon Mask

Divine Confetti

Divine Grass

Dousing Powder

Dragon’s Blood Droplet

Dragonspring Sake

Dried Serpent Viscera

Eel Liver

Malcontent’s Ring

Mibu Balloon of Soul

Mibu Balloon of Spirit

Mibu Balloon of Wealth

Mibu Pilgrimage Balloon

Mibu Possession Balloon

Ministry Dousing Powder

Monkey Booze

Mortal Blade

Mottled Purple Gourd

Nightjar Beacon Memo

Nightjar Monocular


Ornamental Letter

Pacifying Agent



Phantom Kunai

Pine Resin Ember

Prayer Bead

Precious Bait

Promissory Note

Prosthetic Tools

Recovery Charm

Red and White Pinwheel

Red Carp Eyes

Red Lump

Fistful of Ash

Fresh Serpent Viscera

Fulminated Mercury

Gachiin’s Spiritfall

Gachiin’s Sugar

Gatehouse Key

Gokan’s Sugar

Gokan’s Spiritfall

Gourd Seed

Great White Whisker

Green Mossy Gourd

Gun Fort Shrine Key

Healing Gourd

Heavy Coin Purse

Herb Catalogue Scrap

Illusive Hall Bell

Jinza’s Jizo Statue

Kuro’s Charm


Lapis Lazuli

Light Coin Purse

Lump of Fat Wax

Lump of Grave Wax

How to heal in Sekiro?

In this section we will discuss how to heal in Sekiro. To proceed follow the below mention guidelines:

In the beginning of the game, you will be given an object called a Healing Gourd. And as the name implies, this is how Sekiro is able to heal himself. At the starting of the game it only has one use, but you can expand this when you get more Gourd Seeds. Either way all you need to do to heal in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is to use this item.

You actually have a couple options for how to do this. You can open the menu, go into the inventory scroll to the Healing Gourd, select it, and use. But you will need to heal a whole lot in your time with this game, so you will probably want to equip it to your item menu. Now open the menu, go down to the quick select options on the first screen, pick any spot and then select Healing Gourd to add it to this menu. Now you can use this to heal quickly and easily.

After that use D-Pad to scroll through the items you have in this menu, find the Healing Gourd, and press up on the D-Pad in order to use and heal yourself. This should fill your health bar quite a bit, especially early in the game. But you still need to upgrade it in order to face the bosses that are in your new future.

What to do Sekiro healing gourd not in quick items?

Well in such case, pause the game, go into your quick access menu and set the Healing Gourd to any five slots available. You can now scroll through your quick access items by pressing left and right on the d-pad, once you are on the Healing Gourd, press up on the d-pad to use it.

Well that’s all about Sekiro best quick items, we hope this log was helpful for you. Thanks for Reading.

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