Facing err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome? Fix It

Fix err_blocked_by_xss_auditor Chrome Error In Windows/Mac

The err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome is actually a kind of error which appears on screen when a line of missing code or symbol is detected while loading as webpage. In such instances, the Google Chrome, throws aforesaid error. When you see it first, it seems normal as just reloading the website again can fix it. However if the error continues every time, you would need to find a perfect fix to resolve the issue.

“This page isn’t working. Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocked it to protect your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards). ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR”

Over here, this article is going to take over err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome or how to fix err_blocked_by_xss_auditor hassle free. Note it that the error may appear on screen in different ways which includes:

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  • err_blocked_by_xss_auditor
  • err_blocked_by_xss_auditor Chrome Mac
  • err_blocked_by_xss_auditor Javascript

Technically, all above error messages indicates some code missing in webpage being tried to open, however the possible reason may vary. Even this error can appear on Mac based computers too if the user is utilizing Chrome browser and finds the missing code. So, let’s learn about how to fix err_blocked_by_xss_auditor issue.

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Methods to overcome err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome

It would always be unfortunate for users to face the error, but its resolution is available. We are here going to discuss 2 solutions here in two different cases, if you are an administrator, or just an end user browsing the web.

Case 1: For Administrators of webpage

In case you are an administering and come to face err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome, then you can try to fix the error by adding a one-line code in header section of webpage’s source code.

If you are using a website that runs on PHP, enter the following code:


However, if your website is based on ASP.NET, you would have to enter the code here mentioned:


Case 2: For users who are browsing the webpage

If you are a user and browsing the webpage that throws err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome error, then you should contact the website owner and report them about the issue. Also, you can temporarily switch to other web browser or just disable XSS Auditor in Chrome browser. To do so, follow the guidelines here mentioned.

Step 1: Copy the code below, and paste in your web browser to disable XSS Audtor

For x64 Operating System

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -disable-xss-auditor

For X86 Operating system

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -disable-xss-auditor

Step 2: Once you done, move your cursor to anywhere in File Explorer, or even on Desktop and click Right Mouse button > select New > Shortcut

Step 3: In the location bar, Just put the same path as shown in picture above

Step 4: Click Next and follow further on-screen instructions

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this will actually create a shortcut of Google Chrome to your selected area. This might be a temporary workaround to fix err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome, but it can be very helpful sometimes.

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