Facing Outlook Sending Blank Emails Issue? Fix It Now!

Easy Fixes To Solve Outlook 2016 Sending Blank Emails Office 365

Are you a long time fan of Outlook but unfortunately started to face off Outlook sending blank email issue or error on Windows, then you might be facing bad times. Although this email sending client in Office 365 called Outlook often face criticism, but still the app is quickest way to send emails to recipients easily. So, whatever be the situation, it’s necessary to sort out outlook sending empty email problem. Today, I am going to write this article which will include the reasons of facing such issues, about the issue, and offcourse, how to overcome Outlook blank emails in Outlook’s any version.

About the Outlook Sending Blank Emails & Possible Reasons For It

According to recent questions asked by our readers, a number of them have asked about their issue that states Outlook 2016 installed on their Windows is automatically sending blank emails, or say emails without body. This is not a problem limited to senders, but for recipients as well because they receive blank emails in outlook. In most of the cases, the reasons for facing such problem can be unintentional presence of Malware/Virus that usually changed Outlook 2016 settings according to its need. Other reasons may include mis-configured Outlook settings. No matter what’s the reason for your situation, you can fix outlook sending blank emails error with effective solutions.

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Main Causes Of outlook 2016 sending blank emails office 365

As it’s already told in above passage, the reason could be misconfigured Outlook settings that further leads to Outlook sending blank emails. Technically, here are the possible reasons which potentially leads to such errors.

1. Incorrectly configured Outlook Account

Using Outlook is not an easy task, and a user must need to configure its settings like assigning emails, setting limits, and many more. So it may even happen to a user that he/she ends up misconfiguring core Outlook settings, and facing Outlook blank emails like issue is obvious.

2: Installed Add-ons with Outlook’s

Add-ons are basically such additional programs which offers extra function to a software. So, extensions or addons are also available for Outlook to enhance its features, but sometimes leads to throw problems as well.

3: Outlook PST file error

PST file in Outlook is technically a database where all outlook contents are saved in table format. So, if this file gets into some error, it’s highly expected to face more issues.

4: Present Virus/Malware on computer’s

Yes, this reason is potentially very hazardous because a presence of malware or virus infection always leads to problems. Also, there are available some specific infectious objects which directly targets email client software installed on computer like Outlook, and causing Outlook sending empty emails.

What are the Solutions to overcome Outlook sending blank emails error?

As we have already discussed about the Outlook issue and some common and most frequent reasons for it, it’s very necessary now to overcome the problem if appearing with you. So based on experts recommendations, here are the required methods that can fix Outlook blank emails in outlook easily.

Method 1: Configuring account in New Profile and setting up Account automatically

To sort out the error in Outlook caused by mis-configured settings, this solution is very helpful and here follow the required steps to do so:

1. Close Outlook running on Windows entirely

2. Navigate to Start > Control panel, and select Mail to open its settings

3. After your selection, The E-mail account box will open as shown in image below

4. Click on the last button in options shown “Show Profiles” and select Add to add new profile

5. Assign a name for new profile and click OK

6. After the profile is created, you qill require assign mail using Auto Account Setup

7. Open Outlook now and navigate to Files and select Add Account option

8. Select E-mail account under Auto account setup which you want to assign for new created profile

9. Enter asked parameters like Name, Email and password of newly made profile and click OK button

10. Your account will be setup and connected. To confirm it, send a test mail to check if the issue is resolved

After following above steps, you might have fixed Outlook sending blank emails error easily. If the problem still persists, we recommend you following the next method.

Method 2: Update Outlook 2016 to resolve Outlook blank emails issue

Sometimes, the presence of Outlook add-ons often impacts Send To Mail Recipient function and also MAPI Integration. In order to solve issue in this case, it’s mostly believed updating Outlook can solve the error. To do so, follow below mentioned instructions.

1. Launch Outlook

2. Click on File option in Menu and select your account

3. Go to Check for Updates, and click it

4. Finally, Click on Update Now button to proceed updating Outlook.

The process merely takes a few minutes to complete. After updated, restart outlook and Outlook sending blank emails issue might have gone. If the problem still persists, there might be a potential malware or virus active on your Windows. So, fixing the issue in that case requires you to eliminate the malware. Follow next method.

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Method 3: Use Reimage Repair utility to detect and eradicate malware present on Windows-PC

Presence of malware is often problematic that leads to a number of unwanted consequences. Facing Outlook sending blank emails like errors can also be caused due to such reasons. But to fix the issue in such case, you would require to have a powerful antimalware solution. We recommend you choosing Advanced System Repair software as it’s one of the most award winning antimalware and utility software which provides you a complete suite of features to optimize PCs, fix errors, and eradicate malware as well. All you need is to follow a few steps below and nothing else.

Is Your PC Behaving Abnormal & Needs Instant Optimization?

We recommend you to choose Advanced System Repair Suite which is dedicated to offer complete options to optimize a PC, fix any Windows error, and remove malware threats in easy. The software is award winning and suggested as the best malware fix application supporting all Windows versions including XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Just 3 steps to avail error free PC.

  1. Download Advanced System Repair Tool and install on your PC. (Follow all on screen instructions when installer is executed)
  2. Click “Scan Your PC” button to scan all present issues, errors, junk files, and malware threats.
  3. Finally, click “Start Repair” to fix all detected problems in next few minutes.

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