Fix Can’t Forward Media from WhatsApp on Android with Simple Steps

WhatApp is commonly used for sharing pictures, videos, audios and literally everything that you capture through your smartphone or receive from other users. It is very common among us to forward things on WhatsApp that is received from others especially media files. Something while forwarding, an error pop-up like “Can’t forward media from WhatsApp on android” or some time it says “WhatsApp sorry this media file appears to be missing”. Such situation are irritating and it could also leads to panic when it is important for you to forward the file.

Reasons for errors related to unable to forward media file on WhatsApp

Forwarding so many media files at a time to multiple users

Outdated Android or WhatsApp Version

Connectivity problem with Android smartphone

Incorrect Data and Time

Insufficient Space in the smartphone

WhatsApp Cached Data

The reasons are many and hence all the possible reasons has been broadly elaborated. Let’s directly go the explore the fixes for this problem

Forward one file at a time to Single User

In Whatsapp, you can maximum send or forward five users at a time. However, sometime when the same chat messages and media files is shared many times, WhatsApp may restrict you to forward any further. So, if you find can’t forward media from WhatsApp on android with a particular media file, try to send it to one user only.

To be precise, if the media files get five forwards from its original senders, it gives an error as “Forwarded many times”. So such file are now can only be shared to one chat at a time. WhatsApp take it as an additional security step to stop spam, rumors, fake messages, and so on.

Get the Current WhatsApp Updates from Google PlayStore

Obselete applications doesn’t works smoothly and may restrict many feature and same goes with WhatsApp as well. Get the latest version for Android and WhatsApp through the following steps

Go to Settings > System > System Update > Check for updates and get the latest version

Open Play Store App > Search WhatsApp > if the update is available then tap on “Update” to get the latest version.

Check the Connectivity Issue with your Smartphone

It is obvious that if there is no connectivity in your phone, you can’t use WhatsApp for anything. So be sure that the mobile data is “ON” and there is an active internet connection. Also, check as if you haven’t exhausted daily data usage limit

Correct the Date and Time on your Phone

Is the current time and date in your iPhone is incorrect? This is one of the major reason behind malfunctioning of WhataApp application. Just correct the data and time from setting and try resending the media files from WhatsApp on your Android.

Make Space in the Smartphone Memory

You must be wondering that how a memory shortage could lead to WhatsApp forwarding issues such as “can’t forward media from whatsapp on android”. Well, when you try to send any type of file on WhatsApp, the application makes a copy of the file in smarphone as backup. It get stored on File Manager > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images > Sent.

So, when the storage memory in the smartphone is full, it fails to send media files and leads to error message. So, be sure that there is enough space in your phone memory.

Delete WhatsApp Cached Data

Delete the cached data from WhatsApp application. The steps are as follow.

Go to Phone settings > Apps > Select WhatsApp > Press on “Clear” data.

Select either “Clear all data” or “Clear cache”. Tap on “Clear Cache” and then on “Confirm”


The error like “Can’t forward media from Whatsapp on Android” can make any user crazy. Sending or forwarding media files on WhatsApp is one of its primary feature. Here in this blog, all the possible causes along with the easy tips and solution has been discussed. If you find this blog helpful then do share this on your social media platform and make it reachable to maximum users.

Some Common Question Asked by Users Related to Sending Media Files on WhatsApp

Why am I unable to Send Photos on my WhatsApp?

The most common reason is unstable internet connection. Make sure that there is a stable internet connectivity on your smartphone

How to high quality pictures on WhatsApp?

The best and easiest way to send high quality pictures on WhatsApp is to send media files through “Documents“ option.

Does sending picture files on WhatApp reduces it quality and resolution?

Yes, the picture quality gets reduced because WhatsApp compresses the images while sending any type of images or media files.

Samir Prakash Author