Fix Google 403 Error Disallowed_useragent On Mobile Devices

Based on various reports from mobile device users, google 403 error disallowed_useragent keeps appearing on their screen whenever they attempt to open or login to certain applications, even when such apps are legitimately downloaded from App Store or Play Store. Actually, this error appears when the user attempts to use some kind og Google authentication, and it fails.

Means, the error will actually erupt on screen while using an application which fails to make a valid login request to Google. In simple words, the mobile applications makes a login request to Google, and it gets rejected due to various reasons like unauthorized browser agent, and so on. If you are facing off such issues, we suggest you to fix google 403 error disallowed_useragent with the guidelines mentioned below:

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How to fix google 403 error disallowed_useragent?

In most of the cases, the aforementioned error is not under control of users and it requires to be fixed from the side of app developers. Still, the users can take some steps in consideration to sort out the issue if got stuck with “google 403 error disallowed_useragent”.

1: Update the app to available latest version

The very first thing you should consider before giving up that the issue is not under your control is to update your problematic app to latest version. There might be a chance that your app developer have released a new or updated version, and you are still using the older one.

In this case, it’s common to see the google 403 error disallowed_useragent issue on screen, and in order to fix it, obviously you need to update the app to latest version.

In order to do so, just open App Store or Play Store on your device, search for the app and update it to the latest version. Doing this might resolve the issue easily.

2: Contact the App Developer

Even after updating the problematic app to the latest one fails to fix google 403 error disallowed_useragent issue, then the issue might be occurring due to 0Auth authorization to Google is classified as an embedded user-agent that’s actually depreciated by Google.

And in order to figure out this issue, you would require to contact the app developers to look into this matter and wait for the next update with the problem to be resolved. The app developers will do required modifications in their application to meet with current Google norms. In order to contact the app developers, you can open App Store or Play Store, search for the app, and check to find the option such as Developer contact. Through this, you can establish contact with the app developers and let them informed regarding your issue. We hope, your problem will be solved as soon as possible.


Facing off google 403 error disallowed_useragent issue while attempting to use an app on iOS or Android device, is quite irritating. However, you can take some aforementioned practices to overcome the issue soon.

Samir Prakash Author