Fix Media Disconnected Error On Windows 10

Assuming personal computers nowadays with internet connection seems to be a lame horse. Means, you might require the internet to fulfill almost all your tasks easily. However, in many cases the user may end up to fail connecting to network even through Ethernet or Wifi network on Windows 10. if you are one such a user, then you might getting “Media disconnected error” while trying to connect to internet, and this article might help you to solve the issue.

So, the Media disconnected error technically just means there might be some real connection problems and is associated with network adaptor or network configurations. let’s learn some tweaks that may help to overcome the problem on a Windows machine.

How to fix media connected error on Windows 10?

As already mentioned, there might be some problems with your network adapter and this is the root cause why your internet connectivity is running with issues. To solve the error check through the methods here discussed:

Method 1: Repair your system problems automatically

Issues with network adapter leading to failure of internet connectivity may take place due to various possible reasons, and probably the internet problems in your operating system might causing media disconnected error. Fixing this issue with manual method takes a lot of effort and time, even the users need to be tech savvy. If you want an automatic tool that can help fix all your system issues like a charm, then we suggest you to download and try out suggested here automatic tool.

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Method 2: Reset Winsock and IP stack

The very first method you can try out to fix media disconnected error in Windows 10 is by resetting WINSOCK and IP Stack. Follow the instructions here:

  1. Run CMD (Command Prompt) as an administrator.
  2. Once open, run these commands once by one and press Enter key after each.
  3. After running all commands, try restarting your computer to take the changes in effect and verify if the problem is resolved.
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

Method 3: Verify if Network Adapter is Enabled

It might be possible that you have accidentally disabled the Network Adapter in Windows 10, and this is why the media disconnected error is occurring on your machine. So check whether the Network Adapter is enabled.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Network and Internet > Ethernet > Change adapter options to open the Network Connections interface.
  2. Right click on your network adapter and choose Enable.

Method 4: Disable Network Sharing

According to many users, disabling network sharing for the adapter can fix media disconnected error on Windows 10. To do so, follow the steps here mentioned:

  1. Navigate to Network Connections alike how discussed in previous method.
  2. Choose Wi-Fi and right click over it to select Properties.
  3. In the Sharing tab, and uncheck the check box that reads “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”.
  4. Once done, click Ok to save its settings.

Method 5: Run the Network Troubleshooter

Windows 10 have a built-in troubleshooter that can scan and fix some common issues on computer. And if the media disconnected error is occuring, you can try running network troubleshooter to fix such issues.

  1. Navigate to Start > Settings > Update & Security
  2. Under the Troubleshooter window, run the Network Adapter to fix problems with wireless and other network adapters.

Method 6: Update Network Adapter Drivers

On Windows, media disconnected error might be a reason due to outdated network driver. Means updating the drivers to latest one can resolve the issue.

  1. Open the Device Manager by running “devmgmt.msc” in Run Command Line.
  2. ind the Network Adapter and expand it. Right click on the driver and choose Update driver.
  3. In the section, select Browse my computer for driver software and follow further on screen instructions.

Alternatively, you can also try out the automatic tool here to update the network driver automatically and hassle free.

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Facing media disconnected error on windows 10 is quite expected if something goes wrong with Network adapter, and we hope you might have fixed the issue with above mentioned methods. If you have any questions, do mention it in the comment section below.

Samir Prakash Author