Galaxy S10 Wallpapers for Punch Hole Cameras: Collection of 50+ Wallpapers

Hide punch hole cameras Galaxy S10 with wallpaper

We have already disused about Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e models of Smartphone in our previous article. As we know that, Galaxy S10-models of phone have eye-catching camera with punch hole design. For those who are not aware, all three devices has been released and getting great response from its users. One thing we are noticing that some amazing wallpapers which cleverly absorb these cameras holes into their design. Let’s take have a look at Galaxy S10 wallpapers for punch hole cameras which is posted on subreddit and gaining popularity.

Collection of some of the most stylish, clever and hilarious wallpapers

1: Achievement unlocked

2: Batman

3: Big Hero 6

4: Bugs, Marvin, and K9

5: CatDog

6: Change your S10 to S10+

7: Cyclops broken screen

8: Daft Punk

9: Darth Vader

10: Dead pool gun

11: Death Star

12: FBI

13: For those switching from an iPhone

14: Hand

15: Iron Giant

16: Jeep

17: Killing joke joker

18: Mickie Mouse

19: Minion eyes

20: Minions black edition

21: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

22: Original wallpaper + kim

23: Panda

24: Playstation and camera ring

24: R2D2 eye

25: S10 Baby Bender

26: Shrek + Monster university

27: Smash Brothers Ultimate

28: Solar Eclipse

29: Stitch

30: Super Mario Galaxy

31: Terminator

32: Trump, Putin, and Kim.

33: Ultra Instinct Goku

34: Wall-E eyes

35: X-Men

36: Bender

37: BMW

38: Bowser for S10e

39: Some ideas from Twitter user @Mattcabb:

40: You can do something like this as well:

41: MKBHD uses this

42: More minions

43:  Transparent Galaxy S10+

44: iFixit Samsung Galaxy S10 teardown wallpapers

45: World Peace

One step closer to world peace. Thank you Samsung [OC] from r/samsung

46: Frozone

Frozone S10+ from r/S10wallpapers

47: Formula one car racing

S10+ compatible! from r/S10wallpapers

48: Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Star Wars Millenium Falcon for S10+ from r/S10wallpapers

49: Original Super Mario

Any original Super Mario Bros fans out there? from r/S10wallpapers

50: Moon crater

The moon. Just reposition any crater you want into the camera’s position. Link to download: from r/S10wallpapers

51: . Thor

Galaxy s10 Thor wallpaper from r/S10wallpapers

52: iPhone XR

iPhone XR S10 Wallpaper from r/S10wallpapers

We are researching on the matter Galaxy S10 wallpapers for punch hole cameras very deeply and we will defiantly post an update, if it will come in future. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box given below.