Google Pixel 3 ringtone Volume Low: Users Report

This news is regarding Google pixel 3 and users experienced low ringtone volume on their phone. There are significant numbers of users who have says that they have noticed low ringtone volume of phone even at its highest level.  They have also says that the media like videos & songs’ output is fantastic, but low level of ringtone volume causing problem for them.

About Previous one: Google pixel 2

Last years, there was just the same a situation in case with Pixel 2 that series of Smartphone was marred with huge number of bugs or problem. After the users feedback about this previous one, company was attracted and gave response officially and finally problem was resolved.

Users’ complains & statements: Google pixel 3 ringtone volume low

I just got my Pixel 3 (have a Pixel 2 also had a pixel 1) and I concur, the ring volume is significantly lower, unacceptable really, of all things to be bad, my phone’s ring volume is too low. I compared both phones next to each other and there’s a big difference. All other media sound quite nice though. Please patch this ASAP

The pixel 3 ringtone volume is very low. But the videos and other songs play well. Is it a known issue in pixel 3 or is this the expected?

Company taking any action, after large numb of users to report this issue

Google pixel 3 like many other Smartphone only uses the bottom speaker for alarms, notifications and ringtones. There are significant users who have complained about Google pixel 3 ringtone volume low or related issues. But company wants that large number of users to report as feedback to this problem before taking any actions.

So, if you have facing Google pixel 3 ringtone doesn’t loud level problem, then you should send direct feedback to Google regarding it from your phone itself. However, it is difficult to say how widespread the problem is. Don’t worry, if any update comes regarding this story or related information comes to light. We will defiantly shows in coming post.