How to add/remove booking button on instagram [Fix Book Now not working]

Tips to add/ remove booking button on instagram:

In this article, we are going to discuss on How to add booking button on instagram, How to fix Instagram Book Now button not working, How to remove the Book Now button on Instagram. You will be guided with easy steps/methods to do so. Let’s starts the discussion.

What is Instagram ‘Book Now’ button?

‘Book Now’ button in Instagram: Book Now is one of the interesting features of Instagram and is perfect way for small businesses to start scheduling appointments, from their Instagram account. Book Now is one of Instagram Call to Action buttons for Instagram business accounts. If you want to book appointments on Instagram, you should make sure you have Instagram account with a approved Instagram Scheduling partner.

Also, you will need an existing account on Instagram linked to Facebook business page. The way it works is that a Book Now button gets added to your profile, right below your Instagram’s Bio, easily visible to your Instagram followers and new visitors. Like any other call-to-action button, Book Now prompts the user to take action instead of just forgetting about your profile after visiting it, and hence it increase your chances of getting new clients.

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Why we use Instagram ‘Book Now/Book’ button?

Instagram booking button has many benefits for you including the increase online visibility for your business, get more customers, and booking convenience for your customers.

1: Increase online visibility for your business: By adding booking button to your Instagram business profile, you can leverage the enormous reach of this platform to get searched and booked by potential customers.

2: Get More Customers: Instagram call-to-action button on your account is placed strategically to convert profile visits into bookings – right at the time when visitors are checking out your profile and are highly engaged.

3: Booking convenience for your customers: It is quick and & easy that even the pickiest of customers are likely going to love it.

How to add booking button on Instagram?

Step 1: You should make sure you have latest version of Instagram app installed in your Android/IPhone. Also, make sure you have Instagram business account and if not, you need to switch to business profile first.

Step 2: Now, you need to have account with one of its partner scheduling software. This is essential because you will be required to sign in to your corresponding account to be able to enable this Isntagram booking feature.

Step 3: After you have all prerequisites, log into your Instagram business account in your phone and tap ‘Edit Profile’

Step 4: Select ‘Contact Options’ under ‘Profile Information’ and enable the toggle against ‘use this info for your Facebook page’

Step 5: Select ‘Appointy’ from the list of scheduling options appearing on your screen, and then tap ‘Next’ button at the bottom

Step 6: The Appointy login window will appear. Login into your Apponity Admin account by entering your Apponity username and password to integrate your Instagram business page with Apponity.

Step 7: Tap ‘Go to Profile’ to go back to your Instagram business profile page. You will find Book Now button on your profile.

Instagram Book Now button not working:

Some users reported they faced Instagram Book Now button not working issue when they tried to add Booking on Instagram. The possible reason behind the issue can be the incorrect way to adding Book Now button they are using. If you are facing the same, you should make sure you are using correct way to add Book Now button to your Instagram business profile.

How to remove the Book Now button on Instagram?

Step 1: Open your Instagram business profile in Instagram app in your device

Step 2: Tap ‘Edit Profile’, select ‘Contact Options’ under ‘Profile Information’ and then select ‘Apponity’ from list of scheduling option and remove it and once done, save the changes and check if it works for you.


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