How to fix BT email error code 10007, 10006, ts-0003, 72009, 0x800ccc0f

Are you stumbled with BT email error code 10007? Don’t panic, it can be fix by easy methods. Stay tuned till the end.

BT email services are considered one of the best email services. But these days it has become the talk of the town due to the above mention error code. Several users have reported on various forms like Reddit and on Community Websites that they are struggling with the BT email issue while sending or receiving emails. So we are here with this article to provide all the possible information regarding the same. In this particular tutorial we will not only elaborate the BT email error code 10007 issue but will talk over other related error codes for example:

BT email error code 10006

BT email error code ts-0003

BT email error code 72009

BT email error code 0x800ccc0f

BT mail error 550 or error code 0x800CCC79

Why I am facing BT email error code 10007

Before discussing the troubleshooting methods we would like to highlight the reasons for the same. After knowing the culprits it will be easier to cope up with the error code.

  1. Malware Attack

It has been observed that the chances are quite higher for above error when your system is attacked by hazardous malware or virus.

  1. Corrupted System

You may also encounter the issue if your system has been corrupted due to any reasons or there is some internal glitches.

  1. Invalid Registry

An invalid Registry in Windows Operating System may also leads to the situation. And it has also claimed by several users that an invalid registry also inhibits the user from installing or uninstalling of the software and application.

  1. Removal of Registry File

If you have removed the Registry files intentionally or unintentionally, then it will end up with the above error.

Consequences of the above error

If you are facing the BT email error code 10007 issue then it will not  only hamper your work by creating problem during sending and receiving mails but will also irritate you by unexpected Shutdown of the system.

Recommended fixes for BT email error code 10007

Method 1: Go for an Advance Repair Tool

It has been stated earlier that corrupted system, deleted Registry file and invalid Registry have a potential to lead the error. So it is highly recommended to go for an Advance Repair Tool. This tool will not only fix the malware issue but will fix all the issues by repairing the system files. Because the error clearly implies that your PC needs a Repair Tool. In few clicks you can just get past the irritating issue.

Get PC Repair Tool

Method 2: Contact BT Yahoo Email Support Number

After scanning the PC with a Repair Tool, the chances of persisting the problem is 0.01%. But unfortunately the error does not resolved, then without wasting a minute contact to the BT Yahoo Email Support Number.

BT mail error code 550 or error code 0x800CCC79

Another error codes are displayed while sending the emails that is error code 550 or error code 0x800CCC79.  It can also display messages like “Unknown Local User” or “Recipient Not Authorised.” We have mention below the reasons and the solutions you can go through them to in order to get past the error codes.

Sending from an unacceptable address

You will receive an error message: Server Response: 550 Recipient Not Authorised if you are sending the email from an invalid mail address. The server will not send the message if you are sending through an invalid address. You need to check the following:

The address which you are using to send the message should be spelt in a correct way when you set up the email account.

It will take at least duration of 24 hours since the address was generated, it will take a day to initiate a new address.

Sending to an invalid address

If you are sending email to an invalid address then you will receive an error message: Server Response: 550 Unknown local User.

And if you are sending an email to different mail server (other than @btinternet or @btopenworld ) then your screen will be displayed with Delivery Status Notification (Failure) email from destination mail server. In such cases check the following:

The address on which you are sending must be spelt correctly. And there are no service issues with destination mail server.

Validation failure

If you are sending email to and from a valid email address and still getting the BT mail error code 550 then you are advised to check that the email program is set up for the SMTP authentication. SMTP authentication is used by the BT email service users to protect the email server from spammers.

There are other related errors which have been claimed by several users like BT email error code 10006, BT email error code ts-0003, BT email error code 72009, and BT email error code 0x800ccc0f. If you are facing any of them then you can go for the fixes suggested for BT email error code 10007. We have mention about an Advance Repair Tool and this tool will completely repair your system files and will help you in getting rid of the error codes.

Final thoughts

That’s all about BT email error codes. In this particular blog we have tried our best to provide all the information regarding BT email error codes. And we have also tried to discuss all the related issues.

Now it’s your turn to follow our guidelines and resolve the error. I really hope that the post will surely help you out.

Apart from this, do write us on our Facebook and Twitter Page, if you have any concerns or queries regarding the same. Thanks for Reading.

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