How to fix Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed (Solved)

Have you ever seen “Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed” message while you trying to access any website? Basically, this error shows that sever of the website is not functioning at the moment. Anyway, this article will give you complete details about Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed (HTTP response message shown by website) as well as you will get some recommended tips to solve this issue.

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“Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed” shows server of website currently not functioning

When we talk about this error which you may have seen while trying to access the website, this error message states that the website which you are trying to visit, currently not functioning. It is HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) response message displayed by websites. Such types of codes make it easy for Magneto Development Company to fix the issue like website is not working as expected.

Recommended Reasons: Why Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed occurs?

  • If the server not having adequate memory or there are too many requests queuing up, then it might possible to get this error.
  • This server failure issue might occur due to crash of the app pool that serves the websites. (If app crashes five times under five minutes, then quick fail occurs as results by IIS)
  • If the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate has been expired of the site, then it might possible to show this error.

Ways to fix Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed

Procedure 1: Refresh the web page

At first, you press F5 key from keyboard to refresh the web page. Sometimes, refreshing the page might resolve it.  But please avoid refreshing the page while you are purchasing something online or paying money online. In this case, refreshing the web page many times can cause you to pay many times too.

Procedure 2: Reboots the Router

If you are getting Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed message while trying to visit the website, then you can reboot the routers at once and check if the problem is resolved. If you get the “Service Unavailable-DNS Failure”, then you need restarts your computer which may shut down the problem too.

Procedure 3: You can contact with website’s owner

You can drop an email to get in touch with website’s owner, when you are facing Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed on browser. It might possible that site admin does know about the problem which you are facing. So, let them know about it via email or other contacts.

Procedure 4: Wait for minute and try again letter (if server overloaded)

Sometimes, this error occur might occur due to huge number of sudden visitors like you on the site cause server overload issue. In this case, you should wait for sometimes and try again after a little while later.

Procedure 5: Check your Varnish plug-in (For your own website)

If you have an issue with your own website, then you should check at first whether Varnish Plug-in is enabled or not. For those who are not aware of Varnish, it is use to increase the speed of site and is used by hosting firms. So, if the plug-in is enabled on the server, well the hosting firm needs a call.

Procedure 6: Restart router, If DNS failure (For your own website)

At first, restarts your router which should resolve the issue. The “service unavailable DNS failure” could be signal problem with DNS arrangement, but rebooting the router should reset it to normal. So, you can try it.

Here, you may watch Naiwik Tech vlogger’s YouTube video which may help you to fix the issue

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I am sure this article helped you to fix Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed with several methods. You can choose any methods as per requirements. You can share your own thought about this type of issue on comment box given below.

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