How to fix Error Code 533 in Roblox [Easy Solutions]

Are you wondering how to deal with Error Code 533 in Roblox? Then don’t panic you have reached at the right place. Though the situation is quite infuriating but thankfully this error depicts the prime reason for getting the trouble which is obviously helpful in dealing with the situation. The error message states that: “your privacy settings prevent you from joining the server.” To get further details about the same keep scrolling the article.

More on Error code 533

The above mention error clearly states that the user is getting prohibited from connecting to the server because the server is unable to fetch their account. It’s not about using a wrong account; you may also face the same if the privacy settings of your account are not sufficient to connect with the servers. But only a restricted account is not the culprit, there are variety of reasons. We have mentioned the causes below:

#1. Server issues: It’s quite possible that you are facing the same because the server is under maintenance.

#2. Corrupted Cache and Cookies: If you have accumulated corrupted cache it can be a reason to face the issue.

#3. Interference of Antivirus Software: Sometimes it happens when your Antivirus Software prevent you from connecting to the server.

#4. Unstable Internet Connection: You are likely to face the above mention error if you don’t have sufficient internet connection.

#5. VPN Connection: If you are using VPN it may lead to the current situation.

Well if we are talking about the reasons for getting Error code 533 then it’s imperative to talk about some situations in which you may encounter the same.

The error may also occur when a command tries to make changes with the command channel which is currently bounded to prevent any change with the command channel and as a result it throws the above mention error code. Users get Error code 533 prompted on their screen whenever a command or set of commands is sent to an FTP Server.

In both above discussed situations user may face Error Code 533 but you can use the following tricks to solve the error.

Try these fixes for Error Code 533 in Roblox

Method 1: Check your Internet Connectivity

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, if you don’t have a stable internet connection you won’t be able to connect to the servers. So make sure you have a network connection with a good internet speed.

Method 2: Check Roblox Servers

If Roblox Servers are under maintenance then you will not be able to connect to the servers. So kindly check the servers and if you found they are under maintenance or down due to certain reasons then wait till the servers gets back to work.

Method 3: Run Roblox as Administrator

If you are not running Roblox as an Administrator then you may face the current error due to lack of permissions. So kindly follow the below mention steps to run Roblox as an Administrator:

Step 1: First of all ensure that Roblox app is closed on your machine> then look for Roblox in start Menu search

Step 2: Right-click the shortcut & select Open File Location> the file explorer will open

Step 3: Right-click the shortcut & choose Open File Location again.

Step 4: Right-click RobloxPlayer app and choose Properties. In the Compatibility settings of Roblox Properties, you need to enable Run this program as an Administrator option and apply your changes.

Method 4: Allow Firewall for the app access

It is quite possible that your security software is blocking Roblox, so we suggest you to verify that your firewall is not preventing access to your browser.

To proceed follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Search in the Start Menu> then look for Firewall to access Firewall & Network Protection system settings

Step 2: Select the Firewall option “Let an app through” > choose Changes Settings

Method 5: Check Minimum System Requirements

It is also possible that you are getting Error Code 533 in Roblox because your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to run Roblox.

We have enlisted the minimum as well as recommended requirements, you can check.

Minimum System Requirements


Method 6: Correct Privacy Settings

Inappropriate privacy settings are also responsible for the current situation, so it’s imperative to correct the privacy settings.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Navigate to by opening your web browser> sign in now with your account credentials

Step 2: Settings can be found by tapping the gear icon in the top right

Step 3: Ensure all account restrictions are turned off in privacy settings by navigating there> you can only join many servers if your account restrictions are active

Step 4: Ensure everyone can chat and communicate with you by hovering down from Account Limits

Method 7: Turn Off VPN Connection [If Applicable]

Ensure that you have turned off your VPN while trying to connect to the servers. No doubt VPNs are quite useful but in this case it may it is not worthy at all.

Method 8: Remove Temporary Files

In this method we suggest you to search for “temporary files” to open your Delete temporary files system settings. And then proceed to remove the temp files may be it is conflicting with the app while connecting it to the servers.

Method 9: Make some modifications to Browser Security Settings

Making some changes to the browser security settings may also resolve tour trouble, to do the same follow the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: Navigate to Chrome Settings>then go to the Privacy and Security tab

Step 2: Choose Security > and then choose Standard Protection

Once done go back to your Roblox app and see if the issue resolved or not.

Method 10: Register Another DNS Server

If you are still struggling with Error Code 533 in Roblox then we suggest you to register another DNS Server.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the control panel & select the option Network and Sharing Center

Step 2: Tap on the Change Adapter Settings on the left

Step 3: Right-click on your Connection Type to open the Properties Menu > double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4)

Step 4: Then apply the Settings by typing Google DNS server given below:

Preferred DNS server:

Other DNS server:

Step 5: Click on Verify Settings on exit & press OK button to apply the changes

Once done then restart your PC and see if the issue resolved or not.

That’s all about Error Code 533 in Roblox, we have provided ample solutions to tackle the above mentioned error. Roblox is one of the popular platforms for online gaming which allows users to create their own games using its proprietary engine. But occasionally users get struck while accessing the app and the Error code 533 was one of them. We really hope after reading this article you were able to resolve the error without any hassle.

Samir Prakash Author