How to fix Forticlient failed to connect to the update server

Forticlient is client-based software which offers its users a secure and reliable connection. Forticlient provides SSL and IPsec encryption, endpoint compliance, WAN Optimization and last but not the least two-factor authentication. You should know that an authentication process has a significant role in providing security to its users. DigiCert SSL offers you complete set of security to your online presence.

Here in this blog will talk over “Forticlient failed to connect to the update server.” Several users have reported that they have been suffering from the above connection issue while accessing their Forticlient VPN. In this tutorial will discuss few relevant topics like Forticlient failed to connect to the update server mac, Forticlient unable to connect to the proxy server, Forticlient ems unable to connect to the fcm database. IF you are facing any one of the following troubles then keep reading the blog.

But before proceeding with the troubleshooting methods we would like to highlight the causes for the above mentions issues.

  1. You can also get stumble with above issue if there is a wrong configuration setting in the Forticlient desktop app.
  2. Another major reason to face the issue is may be a network device (ISP or home router) blocking the configuration.

Table of Contents

Recommended solutions for Forticlient failed to connect to the update server mac

Method 1: Configure the FortiClient VPN

Keep in mind: Before proceeding with the above method you will have to contact N4L support for the Server IP address and the PSK

  • Open System Preferences>Networks after that add a new Interface, on tapping the ‘plus’ sign at the bottom left side of Window.

  • Select VPN for Interface
  • Select Cisco IPsec for VPN Type
  • This can be customized as required for Service Name
  • Click Create

  • Enter the remote gateway IP address that has been delivered for Server Address
  • Enter your Username for Account Name
  • Enter your Password for Password
  • Tap Authentication Settings
  • Type in PSK hat has been given by N4L for Shared Secret
  • Then for Group Name, this can be whatever relevant, but it needs to be occupied
  • Tap on OK
  • Click Apply to confirm the settings
  • Click connect, when all the fields have been entered

Note: You will see the status displaying the message “Connected” if the connection has been successfully done. Additionally, you will be also able to see ‘Connect Time’ (Uptime). But remember one thing the VPN will not connect if the users are within school networks.

  • Click Disconnect button, in order to disconnect from the FC VPN

Note: You are suggested to check the box “Show VPN status under the menu bar” doing this will provide you a simpler method of connecting and disconnecting.

  • Kindly contact the N4L Help Desk, if you need any other assistance pre or post connection.
Method 2: Update your macOS

It is highly recommended to use the latest version while using any of the VPN; latest version gets compatible very easily while using Virtual Private Networks.

Final thoughts

That’s all about the Forticlient failed to connect to the update server. I hope the above mention methods will surely fix your issue.

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Samir Prakash Author