How to Fix GOG Games Not Launching [SOLUTIONS]

GOG game is digital game distribution platform where some of the most memorable games are available to download and play. It has more than thousands of game titles available for everyone and some of the games available on the platform can be dated back to 1990s and 2000s. Even though is popular for retro game titles but it also delivers with latest hyped titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 or Fallout franchise.

It is still a long journey till GOG games competes with “Steam” a market leading distribution center for games. However, very platforms has its issues including steam but recently many users have reported that their GOG games not launching on their windows operating system devices. For that reason we have listed all the methods and solutions by which you can fix the issue.

How to Troubleshoot GOG Games Issue

There are various different ways to tackle issues like these and they are mentioned below:

Solution 1: Reboot your Computer

If you are unable to launch games for GOG launcher then this is because of temporary glitches or bugs within system files which is created disparities and causing issues. To fix all these bugs and glitches, perform a clean reboot of your system.

To do a clean boot, first shut down your computer completely by closing all the applications. Then remove the plug from the socket and leave it for couple of minutes. Plug back the socket in and boot your computer. If the issue persists then follow the next steps.

Solution 2: Launch the Game from Directory

Other reason why this could be happing is because of issue within launcher therefore booting the game from the directory could be the solution. Navigate to GOG game folder from File Explorer where you have chosen at the time of installation. Now double click the game executable file or game icon with .exe extension from the folder and see if it launches.

Solution 3: Enable Run as Administrator

If you have given insufficient permission required to launch games for GOG launcher then this could cause the issue. Providing Administrator privileges can possibly solve the error. To grant admin rights do these steps:

  1. Launch File Explorer and move to GOG directory.
  2. Find and right click on GOG executable file.
  3. Now choose Properties from list of options.
  4. Navigate to Compatibility
  5. In Settings section, check the box beside Run this program as administrator.
  6. First click Apply then OK save the made changes.
  7. Open the launcher again and see check for the issue.

You can also do the opposite and disable the administrative permission is it was provided beforehand. In-Addition you can give and restrict admin rights from each game executable files, this could also possibly resolve the issue.

Solution 4: Enable Compatibility Mode for the Game

Activating compatibility mode and launching the game is another workaround that worked for user hence you can give it a try for yourself also. Follow the listed steps for doing so:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and move to game directory folder.
  2. Now right click on game executable file (.exe) in the folder.
  3. Choose Properties from drop down menu.
  4. Navigate to Compatibility tab then Compatibility mode.
  5. Tick the box beside Run this program in compatibility mode for.
  6. Click Apply then Ok to save the settings.
Solution 5: Remove Galaxy.dll file

Instead of using GOG games if you are using GOG Galaxy then you can try removing the galaxy.dll file form the directory because there have been reports of issue with this file where gog games won’t launch and deleting could solve them. Follow these instructions for doing so:

  1. Go to given file location from Windows Explorer.
  2. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steamsteamapps/common/Your Game
  3. Now move to game/bin/x64
  4. Find and remove dll and other file with galaxy in their name.
  5. Close the folder and windows explorer then open GOG games.
  6. It will take a few minutes during boot and this will most probably fix the issue.
Solution 6: Update Display Adapters

Another known reason for issue like these is because of outdated or incompatible display drivers installed on the computer. Follow the below steps to update display drivers:

  1. Open Run Dialogue box by pressing Win + R key at the same time.
  2. Now type msc and press Enter key.
  3. In Device Manager window double click on Display Adaptors.
  4. Right click on your display adaptor and choose Update Driver.
  5. Select Choose Online option in the next window.
  6. Wait for it download and install.
  7. Reboot the computer after update.

Updating drivers through device manager is not very reliable and can be difficult for inexperienced users, for that reason we recommend you to use Automatic Driver Update tool, this tool will check your driver specifications and install the latest update available from reliable source automatically.



 It gets frustrating if you faced issue like GOG games not launching and ruin your experience. For that reason we have listed all the solutions and methods with their adequate instruction by which you can resolve the issue with ease.

Samir Prakash Author