How to fix iPhone overheating and won’t turn on issue?

If you are encountering iPhone overheating and won’t turn on problem and searching for its solution, you are on the right place. This article provides you different solutions for this so as to help you in avoiding any major damage.

iPhone overheating and won’t turn on, here is what to do

iPhone overheating is a common problem that leads the phones to behave weirdly. Some users suffer for a long-time damage. There is certain case reported where the iPhones overheated turned into exploding or bursting into flames.

This happens, however, when the phone were kept on charging. iPhones overheated during charging actually indicates battery failure issue rather than any root cause. Some users also reported the iPhones overheating and battery drainage both occurred simultaneously.

Possibly, these would cause the iPhones blast. However, dealing with it in the right way, you can protect your system from any damage and ensure the smooth functioning of your iPhones. So, in this regard, we will tell you how you can fix iPhone overheating and won’t turn on issue.

Fixes for iPhone overheating and won’t turn on

If you are experiencing iPhone overheated and battery drainage fast, you should become very attentive towards using and maintaining your iPhones. The iPhones overheating is often a case of charging issue. Although, if you see your phones repeatedly overheat during normal and daily use, the hardware and/or the software could be the problematic.

The below recommended solutions would probably provide you the fix for iPhone overheating and won’t turn on issue. However, we recommend you to get ensure only after checking for a few days that the iPhones overheating warning no longer appears.

Solution1: Basic to-do processes

Below are some basic to-do tips that should you in resolving the overheating issue and will help you in avoiding iPhones overheating and won’t turn on problems:

  • Try with removing the phone case- sometimes, the additional coat of plastic/ leather makes it difficult for the phone to cool down. Thus, it will be good option to remove the phone case for temporarily to solve the heating issue.
  • Avoid using in High Ambient Temperature- Try not to keep or use your phone in the sun or in the hot environment for long.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure- better to keep phones in bag or in shade when outside.
  • Avoid using maps: this causes a lot of heat.
  • Avoid charging in hot environment: if possible, do so when you reach to colder place.
  • Don’t use faulty adapter/cable: These will overload the battery, leading the iPhone overheating when charging.

Solution2: Try with switching off the phone

This is the most popular way to fix the iPhone overheating and won’t turn on issue. Press hold to the Side/Power + Volume Up/Volume Down button at the same time, then release it. You will find the option Slide to Power Off command. Drag this slide to the right and then wait for 30 seconds. Now, keep the phone switched off till it cools down. Upon that, restart the device and press and hold power/ side button till the Apple Logo appears.

Solution3: Reset iPhone settings

Resetting a few problem causing settings or resetting all device settings remove all minor bugs and glitches. This might provide you the fix for iPhone overheating and won’t turn on problem:

Steps to reset all settings

  • Go to the Settings menu from the Home screen,
  • Select General,
  • Scroll down to find Reset option and tap on it,
  • Now, click on Reset All settings.

Steps to reset network settings

  • Go the Settings> General,
  • Click on Reset button and then select Reset Network Settings.

Steps to Reset Location & Privacy Settings

  • Reach Reset option like the method said previously,
  • Now, click on Reset Location & Privacy, this time.

Solution4: Turn off Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth can provide the additional overheat to your phone. Thus, you should turn it off when required. To turn off the Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings> Bluetooth,
  • Toggle it to OFF, if it is turned on.

Solution5: Disable Location Services

Another way to avoid the iPhone overheating and won’t turn on message is to disable the location services. You can do this by the following steps:

  • Launch Settings app,
  • Scroll down to find Privacy,
  • You will find Location Services here. It is turned off by default,
  • Disable it by just tapping on it.

Solution6: Enable the Airplane Mode

Enabling Airplane Mode will disable the features like GPS, Bluetooth, WI-FI and Cellular Data. This will save the battery life and help in iPhone cool down:

  • Go to the Settings,
  • Locate and find Airplane Mode to enable it.

Solution7: Disable Background Refresh

Background refresh refreshes all apps on your system, whether you are using or not. This may keep your phone searching for updates in the background and causes it to overheat. Here is how you disable the background refresh on your iPhone:

  • Navigate to General and tap on Background App Refresh,
  • Toggle OFF the background app refresh.

Solution8: update all apps

Updating the installed apps on your iPhones will fix all bugs that might result in iPhone overheating and won’t turn on issue. Follow the below steps to update all apps:

  • Open App Store and click on Profile pic corresponding to your Apple ID,
  • Go to the Available update section, tap on Update All to update all apps appear on the list or choose update button next to the app to update the selected apps individually.

Solution9: Update iOS

Apple provides fixes with updates to their iOS devices. Running outdated version of the iPhone might put it in strain that cause the iPhone overheated and won’t turn on issue:

  • Go to the Settings> General,
  • Click on Software update and install the updates if available.

Solution10: Remove unwanted apps

If the problem continues, check for any particular app that it could be problematic. Follow the below steps for the same:

  • Go to the Settings>General,
  • Select iPhone Storage,
  • You will see the list of installed apps with the storage space they are consuming,
  • If you find any apps unrecognized and unwanted, delete it by tapping on the app and then selecting Delete app.

Solution11: Contact for Apple Support

If the message iPhone overheating and won’t turn on still appears, there is nothing you can do with your side. Take the help from Apple Support.

Samir Prakash Author