How to Fix Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flicker [Easy Guide]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flicker” is common error issue related to Screen Flickering problem that is usually occurs when device is under load for long periods of time or due to overheating and no display glitches. Sometimes, this issue appears as black line near the top or bottoms of the screen that glitches a little bit while sometimes the whole screen can jump around by a couple of inches. At that time, you may check the back of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that would be overheat or hot. So, you need to freeze or cool your System to fix. Here, we are discussing on How to fix Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flicker issue in details and providing several easy steps to fix.

What is Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flicker issue?

“Screen flickering” issue appears to be related to heat buildup. When the Surface Pro 4 heats up and has become progressively worse to point where you have to use an external display via dock to get any work done. You can put Surface Pro 4 device in the freeze temporarily to fix flickering issue. But you should to known why you are actually facing this and how you can fix it permanently. Microsoft Company had already acknowledged the issue and posted an article discussing about fix Screen flickering issue.

Many Surface Pro 4 users have already reported about screen flickering issue on various online platforms including Microsoft’s Support site and asked for the solution. Let’s take have a look at one user’s report.

“Seems to be worse when the device heats up and has become progressively worse to the point where I have to use an external display via the dock to get any work done”

Flickergate: Flickergate is name given to screen flicking problem with Microsoft Surface Pro 4 where the screen flashes quickly, flickering or distorted. Sometimes, dark black lines may also appear across the top of the display. For example, if you have a webpage open and then close your browser, but an image of the browser remains that means the screen may exhibit “ghosting”.

Reasons behind Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flicker Issue:

Screen flicking issue occurs when your Surface Pro 4 device has overheated and transferred that heat to the screen. Traditional laptops don’t have this issue because it generate very little heat behind screen while bit of designed flaw inherent in any device that has all the processing horsepower behind the screen. So, there are chances to get this type of issues.

It might possible to get Screen flickering issue with your Surface Pro 4 device due to faculty screen component. On other hand, if your System has faculty drivers or software and/or is incompatible with your Surface Pro 4 device, then it is probability to get this error. In this case, you need to update all drivers to fix.

Microsoft Company has acknowledged the issue and replaced many Microsoft Surface Pro 4 devices that have this problem. But they only replace the defective device which is less than 3 years old. The company has essentially washed its hands for device over 3 years old.

One possible solution to fix this problem is to cooling the fan in the Surface pro 4 device and check if the problem is resolved. For further recommended steps/methods to fix screen flickering problem, read our instructions below.

How to Fix Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flicker?

Method 1: Troubleshoot the hardware issue

Sometimes, this issue occurs due to hardware related issues so you need to troubleshoot it. At first, you need to check if all the cables in your Surface Pro 4 device are plugged in properly. If any cables are problematic or not connect your device properly, you will have this screen flickering issue. Put your Surface Pro 4 device in open place where there is no magnet or similar interface near form your laptop. If the problem is still persist, then try another solution.

Method 2: Replace Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device

You are quite lucky if you found your Surface Pro 4 device is less than 3 years old because it can easily be replaced with new Surface Pro 4 in case if you are facing screen flickering issue, according to Microsoft Company. But if your System exceeds the time limit i.e., after 3 years from the date when you purchased the Surface Pro 4, you can’t replace it. In that case, you can try another solution.

Method 3: Change screen refresh rate

Sometimes, this issue occurs due to refresh rate of display so you can try to change screen refresh rate to fix.

Step 1: Right-click on empty area on the desktop and select “Display Settings”

Step 2: In the opened window, click on “Advance Display Settings > Display Adapter Properties for Display 1”

Step 3: In the next window, click on “Monitor” tab and select “60 Hertz” in “Screen Refresh Rate”

Step 4: Finally, click on “Apply” and “Ok” to save the changes and check if the screen flickering issue is resolved.

Method 4: Update graphics card drivers on Surface Pro 4

Sometimes, Screen flickering issue might occur due to missing, corrupted or outdated Graphics card drivers. In this case, you need to update your display drivers to fix this issue.

Step 1: Press “Windows + X” keys together from keyboard and select “Device Manager”

Step 2: Locate and expand “Display Adapters” and look for your display adapter driver

Step 3: Right-click on it and select “Update Driver Software..”

Step 4: In the next window, select “Search automatically for updated driver software”

Step 5: follow the rest of the instructions to finish the update process.

Step 6: Once done, restart your computer and please check if the trouble is resolved.

Method 5: Reduce the heat

The top side of the Surface Pro 4 is made of plastic material that will melt if overheated so place some heat resistant “kapton” tape over the top the plastic to help reduce the heat. If this overheated, it will melt and distort. Apply the tape all around the screen that can help to capture any glass shards if you do shatter the screen.

Method 6: Contact for technical support

If the above methods didn’t work to resolve screen flickering issue, then you can send your Surface Pro 4 device to computer repair service center or specialist who can easily solved this type of issue. Or you can contact Microsoft Support “Contact customer support” to fix screen flickering issue.


I hope this article helped you to Fix Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flicker Issue with easy steps. You can read & follow our instructions to do so. If this article really helped you, then you can share this post with others to help them. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box given below.

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