How to Fix Microsoft Teams Outbound Calls Not Working (Complete Guide)

Microsoft Teams has created its fan following in a short period of time and it is known for its commendable feature of audio and video conferencing.

But unluckily sometimes it fails to make outbound calls. Most of the users are quite happy with this application while still many are suffering from the issue related to outbound calls malfunctioning. They reported that whenever they try to make outbound calls, the application throws an error and says “it couldn’t complete the call and some of them have reported that they have been asked to use the right number format.

If you are one of them who has been struggling to get past “Microsoft Teams outbound calls not working”. Then you have come to the right place. Kindly hold your patience and just stay Tuned with us.

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Why I am having the Microsoft Teams outbound calls not working?

When the admin has set up particular settings to block Outbound calls or limit calls to certain numbers then you are likely to face such situation. If that’s not the case then probably the issue is with the application itself or its settings are not appropriate for making the outbound calls.

What to do when Microsoft Teams outbound calls not working?

Don’t panic. We have enlisted convenient and workable fixes to resolve the issue of Microsoft Teams outbound calls not working.

Fix 1: Make Calls thru Web App

First of all check if you are undergoing similar issue on Teams Web app. Go to and then choose Use the web app instead. Then open Teams in Chrome or Edge and try to check whether you can make calls or not. Otherwise, launch Teams Mobile App and then try to make calls.

Fix 2: Contact Your Admin

In such cases you are helpless until unless your IT admin modify the settings. This fix is only applicable when your Teams account is managed by an organization (school or Office).You cannot fix it, only your IT admin can.

The enlisted fixes can be only used by the Admins.

Fix 3: Make a New Voice Routing Policy

You can also try to create new Voice Routing Policy with various PSTN norms. Once done just assign new policy to users. Kindly make sure toggle on Allow Private Calling at lodger level for Microsoft Teams.

If your organization uses Teams only for calls, then you can set Teams simply in upgrade policy. But Remember Direct routing will only routes calls to from users that use Teams Client. You can navigate to Microsoft Support for more info about Phone System direct routing as they have dedicated page for this concept.

Note: Make sure to follow your hardware Vendor’s configuration guidelines in case if you using any external peripheral with Teams. You can refer Configure Direct Routing on Microsoft’s Support page for further help.

Additionally, in order to make outbound PSTN calls from Teams, integration with PSTN service is required. Finish the Integration process and try again.

Fix 4: Check DNS Record Settings

It is important that DNS record for SBC FQDN is set accordingly. It fails in case the settings are wrong. Similarly, the outbound calls can also get blocked in case of too many typos in the DNS record. The SBC hostname should be accurate and DNS record must be in correct pattern otherwise Team will make a wrong address connection that probably don’t even exists.

Fix 5: Allot Phone Numbers to users

Kindly assign discrete phone numbers to your users if you are an admin. Make a Caller ID policy for the outbound calls and assign the policy to all your users. Keep in mind the application does not constantly pass outgoing calls through Company’s core number.

Note:  If you have already provisioned services and the users on your end then kindly contact the Vendor support if you are still stuck with Microsoft Teams outbound calls not working.


This is all about Microsoft Teams outbound calls not working; here I tried my best to provide you with the most workable solutions to get past the issue on your Windows PC. Hope with the help of the given solutions you can easily troubleshoot your issue.

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