How to fix OneNote Error 0xE0000007 syncing error?

OneNote Error 0xE0000007 is a OneNote Sync error, occurs when users attempt to sync the changes to any notebook in any OneNote app, OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote for Android, iOS and etc. In this article, we will provide you every possible solution to fix this error.

Fix OneNote Error 0xE0000007 problem

OneNote is a digital notepad from Microsoft. It helps users in syncing lists with family and even to their devices. However, there is a syncing error with OneNote (Error 0xE0000007) that annoys most of the users. This is an error where you are not able to sync changes you made to your notebook using Microsoft OneNote on your Windows 10 PC. Here is the complete error message that you get:

We ran into a problem syncing your notebook. (Error code: 0xE0000007)

The error could be a result of poor internet connection. So, before you proceed towards different troubleshoot we have listed below, we advise you to check your internet connection. Sometimes, there is a temporary issue in the server that is causing the syncing error. In this case, the error automatically gets solved after sometimes. So you can wait and check the status of the error.

If this did not provide you the fix for OneNote Error 0xE0000007, you should follow our troubleshoot methods provided below.

Fixes for OneNote Error 0xE0000007

Fix 1: Try with Signing out and sign-in back to the account

The very first thing you should do is to sign-out of your Microsoft account and then sign-back in again.  Many a user has found this method useful. May be this works in your case as well. If not, move to our further troubleshoots.

Fix2: Force Sync your OneNote notebook

If the problem OneNote Error 0xE0000007 still continues after signing out and signing in back again, you can try with force sync to your notebook as after all it is a syncing error. The steps for force sync are different for different versions. Below, we have provided the tutorials for force sync for Windows 10 and OneNote 2016/ OneNote 365 user separately.

Steps for OneNote for Windows 10 users
  • Launch OneNote on your device and expand the Notebooks section,
  • Here, you can see all the notebooks created by you,
  • Right-click on the name of the notebook that is showing the sync error,
  • Select sync and then click on Sync this notebook.
Steps for OneNote 2016/ OneNote 365 user
  • Launch OneNote 2016/ 365 and go to the file menu,
  • Select View Sync status to view the sync status of all your notebooks,
  • Now, click on Sync Now button to the notebook with which you are facing the syncing error.

Fix3: Update OneNote

It is possible that the outdated version of OneNote is causing the OneNote Error 0xE0000007 sync error. Thus, it is suggested to keep the OneNote updated to the latest version.

Steps to update OneNote for Windows 10
  • Launch Microsoft Store and type OneNote for Windows on the search box area,
  • Click on the OneNote for Windows 10 app and click on the Update,
  • if you find Launch button instead of update, this means you are already using the latest version.
Steps to update OneNote 2016/ OneNote 365
  • Open OneNote 2016 and go the file menu,
  • Under the Account tab, click Update options,
  • And then select Update Now.

Fix3: open your notebook in OneNote for the web

If the above methods did not work for you, you should check if your notebook is available in the OneNote for the web using the browser:

  • Select file menu on your OneNote app,
  • Among the list of notebooks along with the link to open it in the OneDrive, copy the link of the problematic notebook,
  • Open your browser and paste this link. Now your Notebook will open in OneNote for the web,
  • If it opens and you can see the recent changes to it, then finish the remaining work in OneNote for the web,

If it still does not show the recent changes, then follow the below steps:

  • Go back to your OneNote app and copy all the pages form the issuing notebook,
  • Create a new notebook and paste the copied pages in it,
  • This newly created notebook, when synced, will be available in the OneNote for the web,
  • Continue your work on the OneNote for the web or do this in the newly created OneNote notebook,
  • Delete the previous notebook that was showing the error.

It could be the case when OneNote for Web cannot open the selected notebook. This indicates that you do not have the necessary permission to access the notebook and edit it. This usually happens when it is a shared notebook and the permission to access it has been removed.

Fix5: Close and reopen the affected notebook

This is the last in the list of troubleshoot methods for OneNote Error 0xE0000007. If none of the above methods fix the problem for you, you should try closing and reopening the notebook. This forces the OneNote to sync all your notes. However, we recommend you proceed with this method only when you hav a backup for your notes as this process may result in loss of data on notebooks affected by the syncing error.

Steps for OneNote for Windows 10
  • Right-click on the problematic notebook and select Close This Notebook option,
  • Now, Go to the Notebook section again, expand it and click on More Notebooks,
  • Select the Notebook you have closed and click Open.
Steps for OneNote 2016/ OneNote 365
  • Click on My Notebook drop-down menu,
  • Right-click on the affected notebook and select Close This Notebook,
  • Then, click on the drop-down again and then click on the Open Other Notebooks option,
  • Select open the recently closed notebook and see if the problem is resolved.

We hope that this article had helped you in resolving OneNote Error 0xE0000007 syncing error. Let us know which method provided you the fix. If you came to any other fixes, then do not forget to share it with us.

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